Happy Coroplast Day!

Coroplast FenderCoroplast Fender

Now that the provincial election is over, you can expect to get immediate PST tax breaks on bicycles, huge investments in public transit, and cleaner air for all! Wowee!

Well, all of that might take a little while. So in the meantime, one actual result of this election is that there are tons of coroplast signs strewn about all over the province. Someone needs to clean them up, and that someone can be you!

But what can you do with all of this corrugated plastic? Chuck it in the landfills? No! Re-use it for something better than another failed election campaign.

I made some ugly fenders once (see photo), which I will probably re-do this year. I also want to build a tailbox for my recumbent.

Here are some links to other suggestions:

And of course, once you're finished building your next coroplast velomobile or bike body armour suit, share your photos with us!


My old riding buddy John Foltz has made some beautiful front fairings with compound curves.


The NDP riding association comes by and picks up our old sign. They reuse them.

Thanks for reminding me, Vic. I must get out and grab some to make mudflaps for my fixie, to keep the crap out of the chain this winter. I just wish there were black signs, as everthing on my bike is black, except for the rims, spokes and hubs.

Take care, Paul Dicks