Dundas West a dangerous highway?

According to the National Post and this Dundas West BIA poster, Councillor Giambrone is looking into banning rush hour parking from both sides of Dundas West in order to make streetcars run faster.

The BIA claims that there will be an April 29 City Council vote on removing rush hour parking on both sides of Dundas street. It goes on to argue that "This will turn our streets into dangerous highways, hurting pedestrians, cyclists and small businesses."

I really wish BIA's would actually do some research or consult cyclists and pedestrians before declaring the danger of whatever the city wants to change. I'd find it hard to believe if the BIA has any experience biking on Dundas West. After much biking along its narrow curb lanes, squeezed between streetcar tracks and badly parked vehicles I'd say I'd much prefer to zip alongside moving traffic rather than be constantly afraid that I'll get doored.

But then the Dundas West BIA has a history of trying to get more car parking in the area. Since 2006 they've been lobbying community council to allow for off-side rush hour parking on Dundas West. In 2008 Deputy Mayor Joe Pantalone supported the initiative on Dundas West to Bathurst.

It's all spin. All along this was about increasing car parking on the major streets, rather than worrying about the dangerous nature of traffic to pedestrians and cyclists.


Considering the resemblance to the Obama poster I get a really mixed message from this.
I can't figure out if the BIA is presenting Giambrone as a hero and comparing him to Obama or they never saw the Obama posters or are these really from Councillor Giambrone trying to manipulate support.