Business that's good for bikes

[Editors: The Bike Biz directory is now accessible. We forgot to make it public when announcing this.]

Everybody knows that bikes are good for business. But do you also know that business can be good for bikes? Well to show you, I Bike T.O. has created a listing of bicycle-friendly business (see the top menu under "Bike Biz".

Bicycle-friendly business is meant to be used as an index of Toronto and area businesses that provide service oriented to cyclists or incorporate bicycles as a significant portion of their operations.

When you start down this road you realize there are a number of great small and large businesses that have bicycles on their minds. Take Chocosol, for instance. Chocosol delivers all their chocolate products by cargo bike! They show up at numerous festivals and sell their wares. They even have a bicycle-powered blender.

And of course there are lots of bike stores. The outstanding ones that have bicycle commuters on their minds include Curbside, Urbane Cyclists, Hoopdriver Bicycles, Bike Joint and so on.

And the GTA even has manufacturers, including True North Cycles and Wike Trailers of Guelph; Manuel Cappel on the Toronto Islands making trailers and cargo bikes; Paul Larsen of Invodane in North York with cargo bikes and trikes; and Biseagal, known for their frame building and repair.

And there are those who make deliveries by bike, such as the Courier Co-op.

The list goes on. I hope you find it useful. If you've got a business that you think would fit the list, then please submit it!


Turn around Couriers is a "bike friendly" business. The owner who hired me paid for my bike repairs (he was even willing to give me enough for a decent touring bike). Oh yea and they are a bike courier business. Pretty bike-tastic to me.

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