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Local artist Barry Prophet is opening his latest work on Centre Island (just north-east of the bike rental place), this Sunday, June 22 at 2:00pm. Synthecycletron is a pedal-powered interactive sound exhibit that allows anyone to create improvised music by pedaling a bike and moving their bodies to shape the sounds.

Read on for more details about the work, as well as a sample sound clip.

Annette St. and Dupont St. Bike Lanes

 Annette St. and Dupont St.Bike Plan: Annette St. and Dupont St.

Over the last few weeks, I have had some communications with Adam Giambrone and his staff. They informed me about the Dupont St. bike lanes that are being planned, and announced it publicly on Wednesday evening at a meeting of the South Junction Triangle Residents Association.

According to Chris Gallop (Adam Giambrone's constituency assistant), the current timeline for implementation is: "The report is going to the Works Committee next Tuesday, City Council at the end of the month, and if approved they should be installed by approximately the end of the summer."

Here is the map (PDF) of the proposed Annette and Dupont St. bike lanes, including the on-street parking configurations.

More background and design details about Annette, St., Dupont St., Pharmacy Rd. (Scarborough), and others can be found in this document (PDF) too.

I also just received this email from the City's Bike Plan people this afternoon:



No more road sharing for you!

York Blvd., HamiltonYork Blvd., Hamilton

On the Sunday of the Victoria Day long weekend, after doing some camping and hiking at Bronte Creek Provincial Park, Jen and I rode to Hamilton to visit family. Riding to Hamilton is actually a relatively frequent trip for us, and for the majority of the ride it's really fun and scenic.

On Sunday I noticed this sign for the first time, while riding eastbound on York Blvd. into downtown Hamilton. I had to stop and turn around to take a picture because it cracked me up.

Seriously...what does this sign really mean? Are we expected to stop sharing the road after this point? Is it OK for a motorist to just run right over a cyclist anywhere beyond this sign? Should we have pulled over and walked our bikes along the sidewalk the rest of the way?

It reminds me of the signs I see around Toronto: "Community Safety Zone....Ends!"

Anyway, besides this little chuckle, we actually had a nice time riding around Hamilton. Sometime soon, I will post another article and photos of a new bike lane that was installed on a more westerly portion of York Blvd. in Hamilton.

Another serious car/bike collision

The Toronto Star is reporting that a cyclist was hit by a car and severely injured near Lake Shore and Parliament this morning.

The impact of the collision sent the man flying into the windshield of the car, which was cracked but did not shatter.

The man was taken to St. Michael's Hospital with serious head injuries, but he is expected to live, according to police.

There was a considerable amount of blood at the scene.

The woman driving the car was shaken, but not hurt.

Let's hope the cyclist comes out of this OK. If anyone witnessed this, or has any other details, please contact the police.

More details and a video on the Toronto Star website.

Ride the South Kingsway Cloverleaf

South Kingsway and Queensway InterchangeSouth Kingsway and Queensway Interchange

One of tomorrow's Bike Month activities is a ride around the South Kingsway / Queensway cloverleaf, presented by the Toronto Urban Renewal Network (TURN).

When: Tuesday May 26, 2008, 7:30am
Where: Meet on Bloor St. by the main High Park entrance. Ride down to Queensway for 8:00.

You're probably thinking to yourself right now: "Uggh.... Why would I ever want to ride through that awful highway-style arterial interchange?"

Well, that's precisely the point of this ride.

As part of a local re-urbanization effort, the City of Toronto planned to make this intersection more pedestrian and cyclist friendly. Really, The City was mostly on our side! However, last year the Swansea Ratepayers Association protested, and along with Ward 13 councillor Saundercook had the Environmental Assessment cancelled, with the intention of leaving this intersection exactly as it is now.

Cyclist killed on Eglinton Ave.

The Toronto Star is reporting that a cyclist was killed on Thursday at 1:00pm after being doored and run over on Eglinton Ave. near Braemar Ave (Map).

A 57 year-old male cyclist was killed today after a collision with an opening car door hurled him into oncoming traffic. He was the city's 20th traffic fatality this year.

The accident occurred as the man was biking eastbound on Eglinton Ave., near Braemar Ave., just after 1 p.m. this afternoon. The cyclist was struck by a Ford cube van after colliding with the driver's side door of a parked Volvo, police say.

He was taken to hospital, but died from his injuries around 5 p.m. this evening.

Police are asking for any witnesses to the collision to call 416-808-1900.

I'm sure more details will show up in the media soon, and ARC will hold a memorial next Thursday.

Very sad. I was hoping this year would continue on a positive note...

Updated media links:

Update: Charges laid.

Music for 6008 Spokes

One of our I Bike T.O. regular readers forwarded us the following email. Sounds like a creative way to have fun with bikes!


blockquote>May 31, 2008 - 3:00 p.m. - 6 pm.

New Music Arts Projects
Track field, King Edward PS, 112 Lippincott St., Toronto

Sometimes, interesting means simple, and a bicycle with a bell is more useful than a graduate degree in making music. Case in point - Mauricio Kagel's Eine Brise for 111 cyclists. This musical work may have been intended as a two-page testament to conceptual art, but mere technicalities cannot stop the two-wheeled artistic soul. A critical mass of cyclists will ride around the audience in formation, creating a web of sonic undulation. It could sound wonderful, it could sound awful, but in truth we'll have no idea until the actual performance!

If you have a bike with a bell or horn, are not too ashamed to make strange noises, can ride in formation at a comfortably moderate speed, and are interested in "riding" some Kagel, go here to find more details on how to join in the fun:

Pee-Wee and gettin' your bike fixed

Here are a couple of interesting local cycling news items from today's papers.

First of all, Chart Attack Magazine has an article about the upcoming Toronto Cyclists Union fundraiser on May 29th. The Bike Union will be screening Pee-Wee's Big Adventure at the Bloor Cinema, supported by a live cast who will act it out at the same time! The cast includes various local musicians, cycling and public space activists, and even Cycling Committee chair and City Councillor Adrian Heaps. More info about the event is also available in our calendar.

The Globe and Mail has an article titled Cycle mania hits high gear; good luck getting tune-up. Spring is always a busy time for bike shops, as people always seem to wait until the last minute to pull their bikes out of their garages/basements before hitting the road again. This puts a strain on the bike shops who can't keep up with the demand. Susan Krashinsky investigates the situation and tries to find out why it's even worse this year.

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