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Bike Cops on RunnymedeBike Cops on Runnymede

This morning I found an article in The Bulletin about Toronto Bike Cops, titled Cops on two wheels more responsive, claims bike patroller.

It touches on many issues that most cyclists probably already know: cyclists can get around faster than motorists or pedestrians in many urban areas, people can interact better when they're on bikes rather than inside cars, and of course that cyclists are quiet and stealthy!

There's also a bit of insight into what bike cops do, how they go about their patrols, etc.

I certainly would like to see more police on bikes rather than sitting in their illegally parked idling cars. :-) I would also like to see more parking enforcement and bylaw officers on bikes too. Maybe this would help them understand cyclists' frustration with certain motorist behaviours (aggressive driving, illegal parking, etc.).

You can read the article here.

Ontario Bike Plan

COA at the Bike ShowCOA at the Bike Show

Over the last year or so, the Cycle Ontario Alliance has been working with a contractor to produce a new Ontario Bike Plan. This week, the plan was finally made available as a free PDF download from their website.

The Ontario Bike Plan presents a series of strategies for both recreational and utilitarian cycling to encourage cycling participation in Ontario, specifically focusing on the implementation of the Ontario Bicycling Route. The strategies take into account existing cycling conditions in Ontario, derived from data and research in various Ontario communities and elsewhere, as well as consultation with various stakeholders including provincial ministries, Cycle Ontario Alliance (COA) members and the general public through COA's web site.

I haven't had the opportunity to read this plan yet, but the COA had a printed version of it available for viewing at their Bike Show booth earlier this month, and I had a chance to quickly flip through it. Looks like it covers a wide variety of ideas for cycling infrastructure improvements. But the question remains: Who will take these ideas and implement them?

Has anyone else read it yet? Any comments?

You can download it from here.

TCAT News, March 25 2008

Some important items in today's Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation newsletter. In particular, make sure you read about the Bloor/Yorkville, Jarvis St., and City operating budget issues! You can read the whole newsletter on their website here.

Table of Contents:

  1. Walking Strategy Open Houses - March 25, April 3 & April 7
  2. Bike Month event registration - March 27 Deadline
  3. Bicycle Bob speaks at CBN - March 28
  4. 2008 Operating Budget - City Council to approve March 31-April 1
  5. Bloor-Yorkville Transformation - Plans go to East York Community Council without bike lanes?
  6. Jarvis Street Streetscape Improvement EA - Let the City know you want bike lanes

Click here for the complete newsletter.

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Duke's Cycle to open in new location

Almost one month ago, Toronto's oldest bike shop Duke's Cycle burned down in the big Queen St. fire.

According to their web site (and a post on Torontoist), they have found a new location at 452 Richmond Street West, not far from their original space on Queen St. They should be ready to move in as early as April 1st! It sounds like this home is temporary, until they re-build on Queen St.

Thanks to Val for the tip.

Creative Activism

What: An art exhibit showcasing creative activist art.
When: March 20 to April 19, opening reception March 20th.
Where: Toronto Free Gallery, 1277 Bloor St. W. (just east of Lansdowne).
Who: Many artists, including someone we all know, Tino!

Martin Reis is involved in many aspects of the Toronto cycling community. He's a year-round bike commuter, bike film maker, member of ARC, activist, regular participant at Critical Mass, and an all-around nice guy.

Online, many of us know him through his Bike Lane Diary blog, in addition to his posts right here on I Bike TO. He has also been busy documenting the work of the Urban Repair Squad (O.U.R.S.) as they paint guerrilla bike lanes around the city.

This is where his part of the Creative Activism art exhibit comes in.

TCAT News, March 17 2008

Today's newsletter from the Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation contains many interesting news items. You can read the whole newsletter on their website here.

Table of contents:

  1. Metrolinx wants to hear from you - Active Transportation Green Paper consultation open until April 7
  2. Bike Summit 2008 - TCAT to bring leading bicycle policy experts to Toronto
  3. Jarvis Street Streetscape Improvement Environmental Assessment - Public Open House March 19
  4. Walk21 Community Conference - Presentations posted on-line
  5. Annette Street repaving - Another bike lane coming to Etobicoke
  6. Toronto Police Traffic Survey - Have your say
  7. Scarlett Road / CP Rail Bridge Environmental Assessment - Completed

Click here for the complete newsletter.

Don't forget to subscribe to their newsletter to get info delivered right to your E-mail box every week.

TCAT News: Bike Summit 2008

Exciting news from today's TCAT newsletter:


Save the Date – April 25th – for Bike Summit 2008 in Toronto!

Join leading thinkers, practitioners and decision-makers who are on the fast track to creating bikeable communities. Bike Summit 2008 will be held on Friday, April 25th in Toronto.

Enjoy innovative and forward-thinking sessions that will:

  • Share international and Canadian best practices and perspectives on putting policy into action.
  • Build local, regional and provincial momentum and leadership for bikeable communities.
  • Engage key stakeholders on how to effectively implement policies and strategies to realize and maximize the value of bicycling for transportation, health, tourism, recreation, economic development, energy conservation and the environment.

Toronto Star Video: Snow Cycling

Check today's Toronto Star for a video about winter cycling. Online edition, not print, of course!

The video features brief commentary from three cyclists: It starts on a bit of a low note with a cyclist who just sticks to the indoor trainer for the winter because "the risks outweigh the pleasure" and it's "awfully cold".

The second is a messenger who enjoys the winter riding because the roads and sidewalks are less crowded, and that "with the proper gear it's never too cold".

The third is a year-round cyclist who says he gets too cold waiting for the streetcar so he would rather cycle. "I've gotten rid of both my cars."

Check it out here. Not sure why they attached that video to an article about seasonal crime statistics though.

Thanks to Jun for submitting the link.

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