Community Bicycle Clinic at St. Jamestown Festival


I didn't even hear about this in St Jamestown, and I live at 280. Would have been nice because my bike is a POS that needs work and I have no tools or money. Plus I need a tip because my crank is causing something else to clank very loudly against my chain every 360 degree revolution.

I didn't hear about Critical Mass either until a week after it was done with, I saw nothing in person to indicate CM at the time it was occuring, and I'm in the heart of downtown daily. Plus their site was unaccessible the past several times I checked it, with nothing more than a front page with one JPEG.

Glad I found Bike Toronto though because I plan to be apart of future bike events downtown, despite lack of pre-event publicity via handbills, or in the local media as a whole, including the weekly spam rags like NOW and EYE.

Toronto is too silent when it comes to pre-planned community events. Maybe it's because some overshadow others, as there is always something happening in the city, often simultaneously. I blame the dead internet and consolidation of 90% of all active web-traffic into just 1-2 social networking hubs, which I want no part of.

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