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A Simple Bicycle

This is my simple bike. A Peugeot Sport with 27 inch wheels, fenders and a coaster brake.

Nothing fancy. An old used Brooks saddle maybe for comfort. It's not a silent ride, there are squeaks here and there. But my hands are free and it's easy to maintain.

Where can you build yourself a bike like this? Try the Bike Pirates if you are into DIY which is super fun. Other places to try are CBN (Community Bicycle Network) and the Bike Joint.

A highly recommended ride.

Wishes on Bloor

Abandoned bike near Dovercourt.

Ice Race 2010 Edition Rocks

A great event plus $1200 was raised for Charlie's Freewheels. Kudos to the organizers and volunteers and the after party hosts Bike Pirates.

Popular Bike Clinic moves to Bloor Street West

800 Bloor Street West, NW corner of Bloor and Crawford

The Bike Clinic

Drop by and visit in his much bigger space.

No Bike-Friendly candidates yet in Toronto mayoral race

Rocco Rossi came out swinging today in his anti-bike rant: "(Rossi) promises to ban future bike lanes from all arterial roads plus review those which already have been built on major roads." (Globe)

"Jarvis has to be stopped." he told reporters.

So, we're talking Bloor and Jarvis, etc. Nice.

On January 8, George Smitherman made a similar statement:

"And on the so-called "war on the car", Smitherman said while he supported cycling, he didn't want to see Toronto's continued implementation of the Bike Plan impact on other forms of transportation.

"What I've noticed is that there are quite a few divisions around here," he said.

"This notion of the conflict between the car and the bike - I think the obligation we have is to understand that the inefficiency associated with gridlock is a serious climate challenge. I'm interested to be a leader of a city that makes it easier to use bikes. At the same time, it's my obligation to try and build a greater consensus around an integrated transit plan, without fostering the idea that one form of transportation is being played off against the other."
Two wheels good. Four wheels bad. Got it?
Update: http://www.scribd.com/doc/27506106/Mayoral-race-Where-they...

Toronto West Railpath Winter Riders

West Toronto Rail Path last night. Somehow I thought it might be free of ice or snow.


Well, it was a lot fun to ride. Kinda like mountain biking on sandy soil.

Nice to see other cyclists as well using the trail on such a nice winter's night.

The War On The Bicycle (Hungarian Style)

There was a lot of trash talk about the supposed 'War on the Car' this year. There will be more next year I am sure. Last time I checked it was you and me and dare I say even those who drive
who suffer the effects of car culture, or shall we say, high-carbon consumer capitalism. So get ready for the next stage when car drivers fight back against bike lanes. You know it's coming.

Witnesses Sought Queen & Shaw - Nov. 25

Over the years, I have seen many of these notices on utility poles. There are a timely reminder of how important witnesses are. Hopefully, someone who read this post can help.

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