Via Councillor Heaps' Fall e-Newsletter, a New ARC is founded!

From all people, the chair of TCAC comes this gem:

2) The City of Toronto is also helping to provide safe, affordable,
high-quality after-school care, via its After-school Recreation Care (ARC)
program. For only $2 per day, your child will be supervised from 3:00pm to
6:00pm, Monday to Friday. The ARC program is offered in two local Ward 35
schools: Corvette Junior PS and Walter Perry Jr PS.
For more information, please visit:

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Some of you may be aware ARC has had a significantly different meaning to the bicycling community.

Is the city saying what it REALLY thinks of the bicycling community? Is the city endeavouring to undermine the significance of ARC to the community? Why is the chair of Toronto Cycling Advisory Committee so willing to disseminate this?