Who wants to hire a cop?


Anthony posted a tweet from Sgt. Burrows explaining why the officer could not do anything about the parked cars.

Sgt Tim Burrows tweeted that the cop was hired under contract by the Convention Centre, therefore he could not leave his post, which is why he called Parking Enforcement.

I guess that is fair. Overlooking the illegal parking that is caused by the corporation that hires you. Not to mention one must cause a moving violation prior to actually parking in a bike lane.

Let's move beyond this and hire a cop. Their job would be to ensure a section of bike lane, seems like Simcoe would be the best place to make the point, be clear of parked cars for their shift.

I am trying to find the exacts costs but it looks to be in the range of $300-$500 for the minimum shift available which is 4 hours. If we get enough people willing to put up the money we could do this.

We would need to pick the best time to do it and make sure the Star comes back to report on it. I am willing to do the paperwork involved and put up the first $20. I will report on the exact costs when I get them.

This would remove any excuses the cops would have for lack of enforcement. All we would be doing is playing the same game anyone else does that hires cops. It would be a great piece of education through enforcement action.

If you are willing to put up funds for this please post here (do not send any yet until more details are worked out).

Paid Duty Officers are hired on an hourly basis, with a three (3) hour minimum; i.e. even if required for only one (1) hour, the minimum of three (3) hours pay will be paid.

The current hourly rate of pay is (at the time of this printing):
Constables $65.00 (minimum $195.00)
(All classifications)

Plus if they are on a bike there will be additional costs.

count me in for $20

But I must admit, I my have reservations. But I'll have to talk to you in person about those...

Happy to add $20 to the cause - it just might work. I wonder if Parking Enforcement has a similar provision for 'Paid Duty' positions?

I am going to guess that they will see this for what it is and say no to your pay duty request but I'll put in $50

You can put me down to make up whatever difference you need. I'd love to see this happen, if it's possible.

I've also thought of doing it something like this:

  1. Cycling group pays for Police / PEO time to enforce bike lane infractions
  2. Money earned from fines either goes directly to cycling group, or is split somehow between city/police and cycling group.
  3. Everybody wins. City doesn't lose money hiring extra enforcement, and cycling group can actually earn money from lawbreakers.

Nobody loses...except the ones breaking the law.

I'll put up $40 - and I'll post a blog to help get a little bit more exposure.

You should get corporate sponsorship from a bike shop nearby.

I'm in. I'll put up $20. I don't think the police will allow it but if they do, let me know when.


John G. Spragge
Mariner, cyclist, pilot

Im in for at least $20. On the condition that if the officer is hired during for the simcoe stretch, that he be hired to operate during an event where there will be the maximum amount of taxis for the best results. I would also be interested in filming this, so let me know.

im in for 20 too

so there are now notional funds committed to cover at least 3 hours of paid duty. If Toronto's finest will do it (that is a big IF) and Yvonne can quietly interest the media this would be an interesting experiment. A dozen cyclists willing to ride up and down the "defended zone" and a film crew are all that is missing

It would be interesting to secure the services of a "paid duty officer" to ride undercover for the express purpose of charging those who drive aggressively around and AT bicyclists. That is of course if Toronto Police would consider such a thing.

It took about 24 hours to get commitments for one paid duty shift. There is a lot of anger out there over cars parked in the bike lane.

I checked out the surrounding area around Simcoe. Lots of parking for cabs, private cars and coaches. So there can be no claims we are picking on an area that has no parking, quite to the contrary.

We need to come up with a date in about 3 to 4 weeks time when we would expect the parking issue to be at its worst.

I am off to figure out how to get the paperwork started.

Put me in for $25 or the first time. Hit me again if it does any good. Will do a lot more good than the 'bike union' and activists will, much as I respect their intentions. Torontonians only care about money: make them pay for their bad habits.

Great idea. I'm in for $20. I'm not sure how well this will work though - the Star article seemed to say that police have a policy of asking drivers to move before issuing tickets - so likely the cabbies will all move, no tickets will get written, and as soon as our 'parking meter' runs out the cars will be back.

It would make a funny time-lapse video, a mess of cars scattering from the bikelane, vanishing for a few hours, then suddenly reappearing as soon as the officer is gone.

What about April 16th-18th, between the Neurology and Internal Medicine conferences? Ironic for doctors' cabs to be pushing cyclists into traffic...

I second anthill's suggestion for the Neurology and Internal Medicine conference. That might be the best publicity.

I can also let Denise B. of the Star know about this since she was the one who wrote the original story in the Star and is a cyclist herself who uses Simcoe.

I'm in for $50. But only if the police officer is there to authorize a tow company to tow away and impound the cars. Tow companies love this, because they make money. This is acting under Section 134 of the Highway Traffic Act, which states:

"Where a police officer considers it reasonably necessary,

(a) to ensure orderly movement of traffic; or

(b) to prevent injury or damage to persons or property,

he or she may remove and store or order the removal and storage of a vehicle, cargo or debris that are directly or indirectly impeding or blocking the normal and reasonable movement of traffic on a highway"

how was Montreal?

Count me out if this devolves into an anarchist action targeting tourists. Doctors visiting Toronto are not the enemy. Adam Giambrone takes more cab rides than these doctors so go stalk the Boy Wonder if you need an outlet for pent up anger and frustration.

Who cares if cars are ticketed and towed? I thought the idea was to keep bike lanes clear not generate revenue for for bureaucrats and tow truck drivers.

are those who park in the bike lane. I doubt it would be realistic to have the cop towing people, this is something that is not clear. It is something that has to be answered before anyone is hired. There should be enough of an education effect if drivers are just forced to keep moving, something they never face. I am sure though if someone became combative that they would face greater scrutiny.

I doubt private cops have the authority to hand out tickets or have cars towed, sounds like a waste of money if all he'll do is ask drivers to move on.
But if I'm wrong, I'm in for $20.

Anarchistic? Hiring a cop is probably the least anarchistic thing possible.

As for targeting tourists, I agree it's a bit unkind, but they'll just have to wait a few minutes more to catch a cab. If you're upset about it, find us a TCC event that's locals-only.

But I don't get the whole "targeting tourists" angle. I don't see how this impacts convention goers at all. The taxi drivers find they aren't welcome in the bike lane and stage themselves somewhere else which is what should be happening to begin with. As far as the average attendee is concerned, nothing changes.

And the fact remains: it's a traffic lane and having your DIY taxi stand there is as illegal as having one in the car lane. This would be no more targeting tourists than DUI checkpoints placed on New Years Eve target night club patrons.