Adelaide and Richmond bike lanes


Does anyone know when the city plans to install the bike lanes on Adelaide and Richmond? Is it in the near future?

In general, is there somewhere to see the timelines for the bike lanes?


While there has been some talk about bike lanes on Adleaide and Richmond streets, there has not been any approvals brought before council. Transportation Services is still looking into this. I don't expect anything to happen this year; it is an election year.

Looong stretches of Richmond and Adelaide were part of the study of where to put initial bike lanes in old TO - but as bike lanes tend to involve a re-allocation of road space in favour of bikes, and the westbound RIchmond has been good for cars etc. I don't think there's any real push - apart from the community. I'd heard that a meeting down that area did have community support for bike lanes, but the city staffer wasn't keen/downplayed them. And as for believing political promises - Mr. Kyle Rae in the last election promised bike lanes on Bloor St.

Adam Vaughan replied to Dave Meslin's post about putting bike lanes on Richmond and Adelaide, and he admitted that he doesn't have a cleawr vision about how to use the space, but that he doesn't like it being used at it currently is being used.

You can read what Dave wrote, and Adam's reply, here:

Which, in my opinion, is a really long way of saying nothing.

To modify downtown streets in order to better accommodate condo residents would be a ridiculous and backward venture in urban planning. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that is where the rationale for this idea came from; I don't know if it was spawned by the developer or not, but it would take a viable option off the table as far as future bike lanes are concerned.

I really like Mez's view and Adam's openness to the idea but I'm disappointed that it seems to have stalled.
Or maybe I'm out of the loop. I haven't heard any chatter from other people since last summer on this proposal.

More discussion is required. It actually needs to become an election issue.

The reason hy nothing would happen on this is that there are not enough people who are willing to discuss this and work towards implimenting any of the ideas floated. So far there's been the ideas floated, but after a little bit of chatter, the buzz quickly wears off and nothing more has been said. Until now.

Residents and business owners adjacent to this corridor should have the most to say, and should be saying it to Adam during the run-up to the election. Who ever faces off against Adam should be also be sharing their ideas about what changes to the corridor, if any, should happen to better suit the current uses in that space.

As users of that space, we too have say. We are, or will be, the customers of the businesses along the corridor.

The area has changed, it's no longer filled with industry, nor empty wharehouses. There are many thriving business and many new Condos. The area has changed, and perhaps the streets need to change to better suit the locals and the city; or perhaps things are fine the way they are.

Our city has changed. No longer is the high speed movement of cars the priority it once was, as was the case with Metro. Cyclists and Pedestrians also deserve safe space on our streets.

Now is the time we can have the public discussion, as part of this election, and make the changes we want to happen.

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