Bike cameras


Does anyone have recommendations for cameras for biking? Ideally I would like something that can be mounted to the bike without too much vibration/noise, but helmet-mounted is fine.

Also looking for recommendations on where to buy. Thanks!

Not what you are looking for I assume but I have a brand new, still sealed pair of the EXTREME MX Video Camera Goggles Liquid Image Impact Series.

These dont sit on the handle bars though but are a great pair of goggles you wear on your head and the camera is in the frame.
These are often used for MX and dirt biking so you have likely seen a video or two shot with these. Naturally you can take stills as well.

Anyhow I have them for a great price,, only $180 I think it is compared to $300 so you can always PM me if interested.

I have often thought of filming what I see myself but as of yet i have not done so. but imagine that it might be a lot of fun to do so.

Anyhow you can PM me if interested and if not, would love to see the bike photos if you end up taking any somewhere.. ;-)

Last winter I purchased a Contour Roam vidcam with various mounts. While it can be attached to the bike, I choose to attached it to my helmet and aim it so that it records whatever I'm looking at straight on. When helmet mounted, it's a very stable image since your body is absorbing all the buzz.

Also use it for kayaking, snowboarding and unicycling. Works like a charm, and much less bulky than the GoPro Hero. You can find them online at and Google around to find good deals.

Check out this article for some options:

They list 4 cameras to look at:
• Drift Ghost
• Sony Action Cam
• Contour 2
• Go Pro Hero 3