Lock-cutting service?


Anyone know where cuts bike locks? Unfortunately for me my key broke off in my lock, so the only way to free my bike is to cut the lock. I have a Kryptonite u-lock so it's pretty attached to the bike ring. I remember the Bike Union used to offer the service to members, but do they still?

Any help would be appreciated as my poor bike is currently stuck outside my workplace.


Kryptonite provides extra keys will all their locks, if you can find one and manage to remove the other key that may be easier than cutting the lock.

You'll need a hack saw and about 45 minutes of saw time - quicker if you have a hand held grinder. I don't think Cycle Toronto (BU) still cuts locks.

You can send the damaged lock back to Kryptonite for free replacement.

The #1 problem with these locks is that the mechanism gets damaged when the key is turned without being fully inserted - something to keep in mind for future.

Europe Bound has good prices & selection for Kyrptonites if you need one pronto.

Hope this helps.

Lock cutting available at Mojo Cycles (Dundas & Roncesvalles)
Locks cut for $15 - $20 depending on your location.

KRYPTONITE Locks in stock !

Mojo Cycles
2170 Dundas St. West
Toronto, On
(416)649 7696

I had the same problem once and i just put an ad up on Craigslist, although in the body of the and I also put my area location to save wasted time from persons too far away to help.

On CL it will ask at the top of the ads for your location but I find people never pay notice so I always put if in the body of the ad as well.

In any event, I just posted an ad saying I needed someone that could cut my bike lock and offered them $10 and I had several offers within 10 mins, although perhaps being female might have worked in my favour. All the person wanted was proof it was my bike and cut it off very easily!!!


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