New off road trails or upgrades to existing ones.


One type of bicycling trail being built is off road and along creeks or waterways. many of them are commuter trails. Work is just about to begin on the Etobicoke Creek. It has the potential to go all the way to the airport eventually. Here is the schedule just released.

←Below is the text of a recent notice regarding the Lake Shore Boulevard bridge, from the PDF document available the City of Toronto construction information website.

The original PDF includes a photo of the underside of the current version of the bridge:


**Public Notice
**October 23, 2012

Lake Shore Boulevard Bridge Reconstruction
Expected Project Start Date: Mid-November 2012
Expected Project Completion Date: November 2013

Map of work Area
Over the next year, the City of Toronto will be reconstructing the Lake Shore Boulevard West Bridge over the Etobicoke Creek. The bridge is located on the border of the City of Toronto and the City of Mississauga, and approximately 100 metres west of Forty Second Street on Lake Shore Boulevard West.

The bridge reconstruction work includes road surface, deck, sidewalk, abutment, installation of a new bike lane in both directions on the bridge, and improvements to the walk/bike pathway under the bridge, which connects to the trail through Marie Curtis Park. This bridge requires reconstruction in order to extend its service life and remain safe for vehicles and pedestrians in to the future. This project is part of the City of Toronto Bridge Rehabilitation program.

Construction Schedule
Bridge reconstruction will be carried out in two stages:

Stage1: South side – Expected: Mid-November 2012 to June 2013
Stage 2: North side – Expected: June 2013 to November 2013
As with all construction projects, there will be noise, dust and temporary inconveniences. In order to complete the work effectively and in a safe manner, some pedestrian and traffic restrictions will be necessary. During each stage of the work, traffic on Lake Shore Boulevard will be reduced to one lane in each direction with one sidewalk on the bridge opened at all times and the other sidewalk replaced with a temporary walkway to accommodate pedestrian movement.

Pedestrian and vehicle access across the bridge will be maintained at all times. Access to driveways and cross streets shall be maintained at all times. Every effort will be made to reduce the inconvenience. The City appreciates your understanding and co-operation.

**Walkway and Bike Trail Closed for Repair
**The walkway/bike pathway under the bridge will be closed to the public during construction. Trail users will be provided with a signed detour route along Forty Second Street and Forty Third Street, including temporary pedestrian traffic signals to cross Lakeshore Boulevard West.

Temporary Pedestrian Traffic Signals
A temporary pedestrian traffic signal will be installed east of the Forty Second Street to facilitate north/south pedestrian movement across Lakeshore Boulevard West.

Work Hours
Construction work will take place from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday to Friday. Extended hours and weekend work may be required in order to complete the construction on schedule.

Construction Details
The project will include the following:

Removal and replacement of existing bridge superstructure including asphalt and waterproofing, parapets and railings, sidewalk and concrete deck slab and beams
Removal and reconstruction of bridge abutments and footings
Construction of new approach slabs, sidewalks and parapet walls complete with new aluminum railings
New bike lanes in both directions on the bridge
Reconstruction and improvements to the walkway/bike pathway under the bridge along the east abutment, including widening of the path way and installation of railing
Further notice will be given prior to construction with a more accurate start date and other information regarding the work. Your co-operation and patience during the construction period is crucial and appreciated.

For More Information
Project Website:

Contact: City’s Project Manager, Nisar Patel, P. Eng.

24 hours: General Enquiries: 311; TTY Customers: 416-338-0889

Councillor: Mark Grimes, Ward 6, Etobicoke-Lakeshore

Existing under bridge pathway (looking north) to be upgraded
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Fromt he TRCA newsletter, November 12 2012

Mimico Waterfront Park is now open to the public! Come and enjoy the completed second phase of the park this fall. Park amenities include a new section of multi-use trail, three sections of** pedestrian-only **boardwalk, aquatic and terrestrial habitat improvements, landscaping and park lighting. Mimico Waterfront Park connects the waterfront from Norris Cresent to Humber Bay Shores.

That is what is on the new Mimico Linear Park. The multiuse trail that is the closing of the Waterfront Trail in the west.

Because of that I had a confrontation while riding. I was forced to stop. Out of that I got an interesting response from Sheila Paxton. I am copying her letter.

: I just had my first confrontation on the new Mimico Linear Park‏
From: Sheila Paxton (
Hi David

I am sorry to hear about the incident.

There are several ways we are attempting to address it .

As parks and Transportation had taken no action following extensive meetings that our office has had with them on this issue, Councillors Layton and Grimes made a motion at city council to direct staff to widen the trail and if possible create separate lanes. This should be in the works with Dan Egan's staff and Parks.

Secondly Parks is working on standard signage for all multi-use trails to better direct pedestrians and cyclists across the city. Right now it is hit and miss and different signage. .

I will include a reminder to residents in the weekly enews letter.
Any other suggestions are welcome.

Sheila S. Paxton, Executive Assistant
to Councillor Mark Grimes
Toronto City Hall
100 Queen Street West, Suite C48
Toronto, ON M5H 2N2
Phone: (416) 397-9272 Fax: (416) 397-9279

Councillor Mark Grimes is committed to building a community with an active, liveable lifestyle. Etobicoke Lakeshore offers its residents and visitors the beauty of waterfront parks, a flourishing arts community and the use of outstanding recreational facilities.
The information transmitted is intended only for the person or entity to which it is addressed and may contain confidential and/or privileged material. Any review, re-transmission, dissemination, copying, forwarding, distribution or other use of, or taking of any action in reliance upon, this information by persons or entities other than the intended recipient is prohibited. If you received this in error, please contact the sender immediately by return electronic transmission and then immediately delete this transmission, including all attachments, without copying, distributing or disclosing same.

This is why we need to be involved and keeping an eye on the trails being built. This trailis not even a month old and already it is not adequate. Work, time, money will have to be spent. We need to keep on top of these things.

We need to be paying attention to how off road trails are being built. The TRCA just opened one in Mimico and it is inadequate. 3.8 km of trail will open next spring in Port Union and is being built by the same people. Who were the cyclists consulted there? Work is being done on Etobicoke Creek, plans are in the works for Mimico Creek. All being done by the TRCA.

In the areas that aren't downtown, this is what is being built. The political will and the money is there to build them. The cycling community needs to ensure they are part of the process. That the paths are wide enough to accomodate our needs as both recreational and commuter cyclists. Otherwise we get the Mimico Linear Park which is not even a month old and the Councillors are already asking Council to fix it.

This is how cycling will expand outside the downtown core. A few people like me will use them to commute to work. Many more will begin riding to school and to local destinations. This will benefit the TDSB bike to school initiatives by providing safe routes.The number of councillors who work on bike related plans will expand. The full council voted to remove Jarvis St. If they believed their constituents were interested in bike issues would they have been as eager?

Excellent post. I absolutely love this website.

Keep writing!

We need to look at Safe Routes to School. Last week a ghost ride for a teacher going to school. In yesterdays paper, the following.

**Child and crossing guard hit at crosswalk in Burlington
A five-year-old girl and an elderly crossing guard were struck by a vehicle at a crosswalk Wednesday afternoon.

The child was crossing the street southbound across Plains Road East in front of Maplehurst Public School in Burlington with the crossing guard when they were hit at around 3:45 p.m.

The child went to McMaster Children’s Hospital with head injuries and the crossing guard was taken to Joseph Brant Hospital with minor injuries.

The driver remained on the scene.

The price of taking the GO Train is going up, but parking remains free. Should it be? If people walked or cycled to the GO Train it would be better for the environment and save money.

It is a Toronto issue. $40 million is being spent at Mimico GO Station. Much of it is for parking. Shoud it be subsidized by those who don't drive to the GO station? Other stations in the city have free parking too.

GO is hevily subsidized by taxpayers. It needs more parking, the lots are overflowing. Who should pay for it? GO does not release its parking budget.

At 61,000+ spots GO transit is perhaps the largest car parking provider in Ontario. Even at one dollar a spot during the week, that is $13 million a year. Four years pays for the garage quoted in this article for Oakville, one of the wealthiest communities in Canada

**GO riders will pay more to ride but parking still free
**Published on Wednesday December 05, 2012

Tess Kalinowski
Transportation Reporter

As the price of commuting increases around the region with fare hikes and talk of new taxes to pay for transit expansion, at least one cost remains constant.

GO Transit continues to maintain it has no plans to charge customers to park in the 61,102 spots in its frequently overflowing lots.

But the “free parking” policy has some questioning whether Metrolinx, the provincial agency that operates GO, is out of step with the Toronto region’s fiscal reality.

After the Metrolinx board approved a 5-per-cent GO fare hike, CEO Bruce McCuaig confirmed Wednesday there are no changes in the works to the parking policy.

“Right now our business model has the parking charge embedded in the price of the ticket. As we look at how we continue to evolve the system we may have to look at that but right now we’re not” intending to charge, he said.

But given the millions Metrolinx is pouring into building new parking decks, GO rider Dan Hammond says those who ride and walk to the station deserve an incentive for doing the right thing.

“The incentive should be for all people who are not using parking,” said Hammond, who belongs to Transport Action Ontario, a rail and sustainable transportation advocacy group. “When I look at the expenditures on parking it’s really becoming huge.”

A new six-tier parking deck with 1,381 spaces that opened in Oakville cost $41.1 million.

Former Metrolinx board member Paul Bedford said GO should charge for parking to help pay for transit expansion.

“Nothing is free, including parking. This is especially true for all those brand new multi-storey parking garages,” he said.

“Charging for parking at GO stations should be part of the long-awaited Metrolinx investment strategy. It is one of the many regional funding tools that it is essential to discuss in an intelligent manner with the public. It doesn’t do much good to keep announcing more and more transit initiatives without also talking about how to pay for them,” said Bedford.

Last night I attended the meeting about the Etobicoke Creek Trail. It is to be paid for by Section 37 money, but there is concern it will be taken away.

The problem all along has been the Ministry of Transportation. For years they have categorically refused to allow the trail to cross their land under the Gardiner because they might need to do work in 10 years. They are now giving conditional approval but their conditions are so ridiculous they can't be taken seriously.

This is a case of obtuse bureaucracy. The local MPP Laurel Broten is in favour of the trail and has spoken to the ministry about it. The minister of Transportation is in favour of the trail and has asked that it be allowed. Only the bureaucrats are against it.

This 700 meters of trail could make a huge difference in the west. A trail already exists from the lake to Evans and is heavily used. A connection to Sherway Gardens would give a major destination for people. Mississauga has major plans to connect with this work and expand up their side of the Creek. Links could be made to Centennial Park, a major Pan Am venue and to the airport. People are even talking of a trail going all the way to Brampton. This trail could be a spine upon which bicycling infrastructure could be built along western Etobicoke and Eastern Mississauga.

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