The Rolling Stop Law - A great video (Idaho)

Makes so much sense it would will never happen here.

Sign of the times

Lovely weekend for a bike ride although a wee bit cold and windy. This scene caught my eye on Saturday. Nice to see.

Active Transportation News - TCAT - April 6

From Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation newsletter:

Recent TCAT activities and news items:

  1. Two Weekends with the Alliance for Biking and Walking a Great Success!
  2. Bike Lanes, On-Street Parking and Business Webinar recording now available on-line
  3. Fort York Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge: Public Meeting April 16
  4. Martin Goodman Trail redesign: Comment by April 17
  5. Walk & Bike for Life brings Janette Sadik-Khan to Ontario: April 22
  6. Roncesvalles Village Considers New Street Designs
  7. Reminder! Bike Summit 2009 in Toronto - Early Bird Rates to Apr 24th!

1. Two Weekends with the Alliance for Biking and Walking a Great Success!

Over the past two weekends TCAT and the Toronto Cyclists Union hosted intensive training and strategic development for advocates.

Between Mar 27-29, a group of nineteen dedicated advocates spent the entire weekend together with sleeves rolled up developing campaigns to improve cycling and walking in Toronto and across the province. Facilitated by a talented team of three: Chanda Causer and Jeremy Grandstaff from the Alliance for Biking and Walking (formerly known as Thunderhead Alliance) and Ron Milam, the group worked together to develop effective strategies and to learn how winning campaigns have been implemented elsewhere. Yvonne Bambrick, the Executive Director of the Toronto Cyclists Union, captured how fun and productive the training was for everyone involved with these photos.

Waterfront redesign to include cycling

The long awaited redesign plans of Queens Quay look good. It's all over the papers today and Spacing has a nice article for more information.

Big sigh of relief for cycling along the waterfront once it all gets done.

NYPD says officer shown body-checking cyclist on YouTube is fired

Remember the video of the New York cop body-checking a cyclist? Well he's been fired or he's resigned, depending on who you talk to.

NEW YORK - New York City police say an officer seen in a YouTube video knocking a bicyclist to the pavement during a protest has been kicked off the force, although his lawyer says his client resigned.

Police officials say Patrick Pogan was dismissed last week. He was suspended last year after pleading not guilty to criminal charges of filing false paperwork.

His lawyer, Stuart London, says his 23-year-old client resigned and expects to be vindicated at trial.

Pogan is accused of knocking Christopher Long off his bicycle without justification on June 25 during a group-organized bike ride.

Pogan had arrested Long, saying the cyclist blocked traffic and steered his bike into an officer, but charges were dismissed after the video appeared on YouTube.

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