Foldie Posers

Justin LaFontaine has sent me some more photos of the fancy Folding Bike rides organized by himself and other foldie friends on Bay Street and other moneyed areas. The purpose of the rides is to show people that folding bikes are the perfect key to a multi-modal world - where people can easily transition from house to folding bike to Go Train to TTC to folding bike and office. All without getting the suit dirty or mussing the hair (well only a little).

We'll keep you posted on the next ride so you can get your suit or dress dry cleaned in time. Business executives are welcome!

Winning Bicycle Friendly Businesses (and organizations)

From the City of Toronto BFBA website here are the winners of the Bicycle Friendly Business Awards for 2007:

The Better Way to School

Did anyone else get the feeling this morning that it's the calm before the storm? This was our final weekday of commuting before the streets are packed with post-Labour Day cars.

There are two big things that change on Tuesday. Almost everyone is back at work from summer vacation. And people start driving their kids to school.

If you or someone you know is looking for an alternative to the automotive melee in front of the elementary school, you could look into starting a "walking school bus" or "cycling school bus". Go For Green has a How-To guide (PDF linked) to help you make it happen.

A Walking/Cycling School Bus is an active transportation system that involves volunteer parents/caregivers taking turns walking/cycling with children to get them to and from school.
Travel directly related to the enrolled school population constitutes a major portion of all trip generation in Canada. Short trips are the most polluting because a car’s engine has not had time to warm up enough to efficiently control emissions. We know that car emissions contribute to climate change. Walking/Cycling School Buses contribute to a solution by reducing the number of cars on the road.
In many Canadian urban areas, up to 50% of children are frequently driven to school. This results in a chaotic congestion around the school, which presents major risks for children as they enter and leave the school.

Enjoy the quiet ride home today.

First Chartreuse Bike Lanes appear in NYC

Now that is truly 'green'. Really, these type of markings have been around in Europe for years and I think they work better than white. Besides, white is getting kinda dull these days, don't you think? Thank you to StreetFilms in NYC for this short video. Judging from the response by drivers, the message is getting through.

Ask Mr. Bike

I first met Mr. Bike a.k.a. Chicago's legendary Dave Glowacz a few years ago during Bike Week. He simply showed up in Toronto to check out what ARC and others were up to during Bike Week. We talked for awhile at CBN's Parking Meter Party. I instantly liked him. Passionate, intelligent and insightful.

He has written several great book on cycling in urban areas like Urban Bikers' Tips and Tricks

Now he's started a syndicated Ask Mr. Bike website which is proving to be an invaluable resource for cyclists everywhere.

That is very good news. Highly Recommended. Thank you Mr. Bike!

Life in the Fast Lane

bike lane

Nice letters almost entirely in support of the pink Bike Lane and cycling in the Star today.

Pretty in Pink

Bloor Street June 13, 2007Bloor Street June 13, 2007

Painted by the "Official" Urban Repair Squad (O.U.R.S.) in Easy-Off paint.

North side Ossington all the way to Dufferin.
Happy Trails!

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Tips For Cyclists (by Brent Curry)

Tips For Cyclists - video powered by Metacafe
[Edit by Herb: The video was produced by the Bicycle Forest group. According to their blog:

The Bicycle Forest aims to promote bicycles and other human powered vehicles as a viable form of transportation. Through renting out a large diversity of well maintained human powered vehicles from manufacturers all over the world, we hope to give people a taste of the various options currently available.

Plus you can read up on their pimped up "Rhoades Car" featured in the video.]

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