Cyclocross provincials in Riverdale Park - chills, thrills, spills!

This a reminder that this Sunday, Nov. 23 from 10am to 2pm in Riverdale you'll get a chance to see the best cyclocross racers in the province race and wipeout in Riverdale Park East. If all goes well we should be able to see people in skimpy clothing and bikes evidently unsuited for the terrain to wipe out on muddy snow. One can hope. If not at least there will be sausages.

There will be:

  • 30ft beer tent where riders go through at speed
  • vendors permit for the sale of "100's" of vintage wool jerseys
  • cowbells on sale for 1$
  • hot dog/sausage vending
  • free jetfuel coffee for everyone
  • and a polish band!

Chills and thrills and spills!

See the full event details here.

Bike Winter!

From the desk of Cris Bouchard, City of Toronto:

Hello Toronto Cyclists,

The cycling events web calendar is open for submissions this winter.
Feel free to use this free resource to publicize any bike events or programming you have upcoming.
Eligible events will be included in the printed Winter events calendar, which will run as an insert in Momentum Magazine.

Some upcoming dates to add to your social calendar

  • Winter Bike Art Show Jan 12-19 (see attached call for submissions)
  • Bike Friendly Business Awards Ceremony @ the Gladstone January 20th
  • Coldest day of the year ride January 30th

Please circulate the attached widely. Art show submissions don't need to be of winter themed. Just bike themed.
For more info visit

Toronto Star Video: Snow Cycling

Check today's Toronto Star for a video about winter cycling. Online edition, not print, of course!

The video features brief commentary from three cyclists: It starts on a bit of a low note with a cyclist who just sticks to the indoor trainer for the winter because "the risks outweigh the pleasure" and it's "awfully cold".

The second is a messenger who enjoys the winter riding because the roads and sidewalks are less crowded, and that "with the proper gear it's never too cold".

The third is a year-round cyclist who says he gets too cold waiting for the streetcar so he would rather cycle. "I've gotten rid of both my cars."

Check it out here. Not sure why they attached that video to an article about seasonal crime statistics though.

Thanks to Jun for submitting the link.

Icycle 2008


This Saturday, February 16th at 6:00pm Toronto's best annual winter cycling event takes place at Dufferin Grove Park. It's Icycle 2008, and it's all about bike racing on ice.

Studded TireStudded Tire

I'm not usually too interested in bike races, but this takes it up a notch. These cyclists build the most aggressive studded tires possible, much better than what you'll get commercially, and then race fast while looping around the arena.

You might expect to see tons of spills and wipeouts, but the studded tires generally keep excellent grip. I can guarantee you'll see some good spinouts and crashes into the boards though!

Riding to work

Riding to work in winterRiding to work in winter

Update on Snow in Bike Lanes

snow in bike lane

Day Four after the snow storm and the bike lanes are still mostly unrideable. Whatever the snow isn't blocking is blocked by a car that is forced away from the curb by banks of snow. Tino has his entire snow in the bike lane on flickr set to document our frustration!

Ideas from Other Cities

Last week there seemed to be a theme in the cycling news I came across: "problems and solutions". I liked how all the ideas spoke to problems we have here.

Reclaiming the street in Dhaka, Bangladesh:
If we loved our kids more than our cars

Even though car owners are very much the minority, children's freedom has been greatly curtailed by those cars cars. Those whose parents do have cars are driven everywhere; those whose parents do not, unless they are very poor, are escorted by adults, and strictly prohibited from playing outdoors. It sometimes seems the only children in the city who have the opportunity for wholehearted pleasure, and who have confidence and skill in negotiating the streets, are the slum children.

...a few months later, a couple of my colleagues came into my office and announced that on that very afternoon, they were starting a cycle training program. A what? We have been working to promote cycling, and fighting with transport officials on the issue of cycle rickshaw bans in Dhaka; ...

Bike Boxes in Portland, Oregon

After Six Deaths, Portland rolls out plans for 'bike boxes'

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