Rate My Vélo: vote for your favorite bike pics

Fellow blogger, James of The Urban Country, has produced a nifty little site called Rate My Vélo. Post a photo of a bike, someone riding a bike, or just looking good near a bike, and subject it to intense voting from the critical citizenry.

Rate My Vélo show pairs of photos seemingly randomly (though there isn't a large database just yet). One then simply clicks on the photo they prefer out of the pair. And then one is presented with another pair and so on. After one gets bored with that, one can look at the most popular photos (currently heavily favoured towards chic chicks on bikes).

Golden Hour Commute (A Photo Essay)

OneOne TwoTwo
ThreeThree FourFour
FiveFive SixSix
SevenSeven EightEight

Creative Activism

What: An art exhibit showcasing creative activist art.
When: March 20 to April 19, opening reception March 20th.
Where: Toronto Free Gallery, 1277 Bloor St. W. (just east of Lansdowne).
Who: Many artists, including someone we all know, Tino!

Martin Reis is involved in many aspects of the Toronto cycling community. He's a year-round bike commuter, bike film maker, member of ARC, activist, regular participant at Critical Mass, and an all-around nice guy.

Online, many of us know him through his Bike Lane Diary blog, in addition to his posts right here on I Bike TO. He has also been busy documenting the work of the Urban Repair Squad (O.U.R.S.) as they paint guerrilla bike lanes around the city.

This is where his part of the Creative Activism art exhibit comes in.

I'm in no hurry ...

I'm in no hurry to get to the red light

Essence of Life

Essence of Life
The Essence of Life. Late Sunday afternoon in Kensington Market.

I Bike T.O. Photo Exhibition Opening

I heart bikesI heart bikes

The opening for Martino Reis' photo exhibit celebrating cycling culture in Toronto is tonight in the basement of 401 Richmond, starting at 5pm. More info here.

I Bike T.O. is using one of Tino's images for the banner under the logo.

A great collection of photos!

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