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Anonymous users
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This site is about cycling, mostly about cycling in Toronto. We will remove or edit posts that are not on topic, overly lengthy, poorly written rants, flat-earth arguments, comments that we feel don't add any real value to the ongoing conversation. We will also not publish comments which we feel are repetitive; comments that merely repeat the same points over and over and over ad nauseum without moving the conversation forward. If that's your modus operandi feel free to start your own blog.

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There are times when we'll just delete the post or comment. This includes posts or comments that threaten violence, or that are offensive or harassing to particular groups that fall under the Ontario Human Rights Code. We won't accept harassment against women, queer, people of colour, transgendered, children, etc. Nor will we accept harassment against cyclists or any other road users.

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We encourage debate and are happy to see opposing viewpoints intelligently expressed and cogently argued in the comments section.