Herb - An (out of the) ordinary cyclist

A mock interview of Herb vanden Dool, by Herb vanden Dool.

We hope to make these cyclist profiles a major feature of this website!

  1. What do you use your bike for?

    I ride everywhere - to work and back; to get groceries or to hang out with friends. Only the coldest, most miserable days of winter stop me. I just bought a trailer so I can carry larger items on the back as well.

  2. How long have you cycled?

    I've been cycling since I was a kid on a farm in Alberta. I once biked the 20 kilometres to Lethbridge from our farm and figured it was a big undertaking. Now it seems easy, but perhaps it wasn't considering the regular hurricane force winds on the prairies.

  3. How often do your ride?

    I end up riding whenever I'm not working from home. It gets me out of my neighbourhood which is getting a bit dreary.

  4. Who inspired you to start bike commuting?

    I started commuting in Edmonton, but when I moved to Toronto I got involved with the Community Bicycle Network thanks to Ron Kuipers and Todd Parsons. They got me into cycling activism which eventually led to this website!

  5. Any advice for new riders?

    Start riding with experienced cyclists. Join a group and learn some new things. Try out the RideMatch feature of this site!

  6. What do you wish you could change about cycling in Toronto?

    I wish we had a less fractured cycling community that could be a strong voice for the city, pushing for funding that is proportional to our numbers!

  7. Have you inspired others to start bike commuting?

    I once got a non-cycling girlfriend to ride once on the Islands! Actually, I'm sure I've inspired lots of people through my old job as Cycling Ambassador.

  8. What's the favourite part of your bike commute?

    I like smooth fast roads so whenever that happens then I am happy.


I think the interviewer was biased!

We need your photo Herb! :)