Charlie Prinsep (R.I.P.) Age 23

Fixin' a flat, Charlie was a local fixed gear rider and simply a wonderful person. Happy and friendly. Always. I knew him from riding with him in Toronto during Critical mass rides and his many comments on my other blog Bike Lane Diary. But I will always remember him for always being a smiling face in a sea of noise and pollution.

I will miss you, Charlie!

He was heading back to Toronto more than half way through his epic ride from San Diego to Vancouver and was hit from behind near Brooks, Alberta.

His brother writes:

"Charlie had completed his southerly ride from Vancouver to San Diego and then started his second leg from Vancouver to Toronto, a ride of many thousands of kilometers. Charlie equipped himself to work towards a greener planet and after completing his studies his plans were to continue his studies in France and later in Urban Planning at the Sorbonne and to dedicate his significant talents to a better world. He would never waver from what he believed in and would always fight for his ideals, never passive when he expressed his thoughts and always intuitive. He fought always for these beliefs and spurred on his friends, and in fact everybody, to follow suit, never without enthusiasm, honesty and above all, passion."

A memorial will be held for Charlie on August 14th in Toronto. Cyclists are also invited to ride in his honour this Friday August 17th. Meet at Jet Fuel Cafe at 6pm.


Crap. My condolences.

I've got relatives in Brooks, Alberta and grew up not far from there.

I just had an idea: I'll be traveling to visit family in that area in a couple weeks. Does it make sense for me to put up a memorial? I don't think I can do a ghost bike, but perhaps a cross or wreath. If I don't know where it happened then I could put it up on the highway near Brooks.

Or something like that.

Damnit I hate cars' dominance of society. All of his potential gone, for what?

I think a memorial woujld be cool. Ghost bike?

... by a drunk driver that veered onto the paved shoulder."

what a tragedy!
perhaps something signed too?

Damnit I hate cars' dominance of society. All of his potential gone, for what?

5*4.99 a pint no doubt.


I think that was a lovely idea of the person who grew up near Brookes,
charlie was hit just South of Brookes heading North (I think near Highway 49)

Thank you for thinking of it

Charlie's mum: if you see this comment can you send me an email using the contact form on this site?

I've never met Charlie so I was thinking that it would be better if you were able to put together a small memorial that I could easily carry with me on the plane to Alberta. I will then make some time to drive to Brooks, attach it to a fence post or light post, and take a photo for you.

If I don't hear from you then I'll try to think of something.

Just received the news of Charlie's fatal ride. I remember Charlie's vitality, I remember his smile, many conversations before during or after class, mostly around biking. He did a wonderful large drawing of a bike by the way. I am happy to have had the opportunity of crossing paths with Charlie (I was one of his profs for an art course at UofT)during his brief span with us. May his spirit help to continue.

pennyfarthing ok frye