Lakeshore Bike Path Becomes Ace in the Hole

Toronto is considering converting a popular bike path that runs along the North side of Lakeshore Boulevard East into parkland. This point isn't to change the bike path, but to change the city's influence in the area. It's all part of a strategy to oppose the Walmart being planned for this part of the city.

Push to convert cycle path to parkland draws protest

That would force SmartCentres Inc. - whose project has been opposed by local city councillors as a "big-box" shopping centre - to seek council permission to run driveways through the cycle path and onto Lake Shore, between Leslie Street and Carlaw Avenue.

How would this impact the bike path? The city officially ignores parkland paths when it comes to snow removal. On the other hand, this could protect the path from being crossed by a Walmart driveway, something that's good for no one. Well, almost no one.


Anything to stop big-boxes is brilliant, and about time the city stood up. Now lets kill the OMB and the Harbour Commission.

I don't live in the east. Do they plow that path? I've never seen them plow any other.

No, the city doesn't plow it.

Blame the OMB on the province, if there's one undemocratic body straight out of the 19th century that ruins city planning it's this one.

If we get this big box, then the whole exercise in removing the Gardiner here was a waste of time.

if it stops the bigbox and retains a safe route for the public to use it's all for the better, the city I believe had alway's said that it will create park land paths there when it killed the gardner?,,,, =8^)

,,,, =8^) (Steeker)

On Sunday April 13th at 2pm there will be a rally to oppose this development on Eastern Avenue.
Meet at Jimmie Simpson Park, 870 Queen Street East.

The debate goes on in Posted Toronto / National Post

"It's not big box"

This battle, pitting the Gore-Tex jackets against those spun from Italian wool, is still heating up. Yesterday the opponents of the project scored a victory.



A respondent to the National Post's story sums up my sentiments. Commenting on the developer's lawyer's assertion that "the Walmart would be buried within the project" she wonders how one goes about concealing a box the size of Walmart AND 1800+ parking spaces. Thanks but no thanks.

I like the city's ploy -- crafty.

I'll be at the Bike Union's event instead.

pennyfarthing ok frye