Bikes Belong

There's a nice video on Vimeo right now that lets you hear from people in "bicycle friendly communities". The map of the communities is a reminder that cycling is not for one particular demographic or region. The dots on the map mark cities large, small, north, south, "red" and "blue".

The Mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah says "Bikes benefit all aspects of our lives in our communities".

href="">Bicycle Friendly Communities - Interbike Cut from Bikes Belong Coalition on href="">Vimeo.

Go to the Vimeo site if you want to see the Bikes Belong video in high definition. Bikes Belong website.


I see our Premier was on hand to launch the Tour de Greenbelt.

Funny how a politician (and his party) can do absolutely nothing for cycling, yet show up to take the credit for the years of hard work performed by cycling advocates and outdoor enthusiasts across the province.

I ask you Mr. McGuinty: What have you (and the MTO) done for us lately?

Answer: Absolutely nothing. Throughout your mandate you've consistently showed cyclists that their lives are not that important to you at all - not enough votes I guess to garner any special attention.

It's no secret that cars rule McGuinty's Ontario - a promise he sure is fulfilling!

Bicycle friendly communities in Ontario? Thanks for nothing Dalton.