Sci-fi bike film

Brian of Frontline Films has let me know that there's a teaser up of his sci-fi film The Cycles that was shot in Toronto - partly at CBN.

A description:

A lowly bike courier named Karen is given a package from the future, confronting her with the dilemma of what drives the universe: free will, predestination, or random chance.

The Cycles is the new short film from Toronto-based Frontline Films, directed by Brian Clement, produced by Jeff McCormack, starring Tam Best, Kelly-Marie Murtha, Robert Nolan, with Derek Chadbourne and Allan Turner.


Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy that's Zipperrrrd in that film , way cool .good for you girl ,,,, =8^) (Steeker)

,,,, =8^) (Steeker)

pennyfarthing ok frye