Collapsible Bicycle Trailer

Here's a short (sales) video of a collapsible bike trailer. I think this is a good idea.
I've often wished for a smaller trailer that wouldn't get in the way when empty. What do you think?

Extra points to those who can tell where it's filmed!


It's a neat idea. For a trailer, I would probably want something bigger though. Shouldn't be too hard to make a bigger version, I think.

Also...I don't recognize any of he scenery in the video, but I'm guessing it was filmed in Hamilton. The designers are from McMaster University:

I like it, though wonder if the walls could be a little more rigid. I was a bit worried about the beer!

Looks like Bayview and Eglinton to me.

I can take a lot more cargo on the rear rack and panniers of my Pashley. It is rare for me to want just a little bit more cargo space, so this trailer would not really do much for me. My usual cargo is groceries. My rear rack and panniers and bags on the handlebars enable me to carry so much groceries that this is plenty of capacity.

Sometimes I have to carry something big and bulky, such as furniture. In this case, a conventional full-size trailer is the way to go. So there are very few situations in which I would find this trailer of use.

The bike, however, is crappy. No fenders, no chainguard. No bell or lights, so it is illegal to take it out on the road. OK, you only need a light at night. But a bell is not only legally required all the time, but it is rather stupid to be out without basic safety equipment.

In terms of where the video was taken, I am uncertain of which planet one can leave his bike unlocked outside of a beer store and come back to find it still there. All I know is that it is not the one I live on.

I like the design, but something that carries a bit more volume would be even better. I think the people behind this can do this.

You can't carry a two four of beer in a front basket, rear carrier, back pack or panniers unless you redistribute the case because of the weight.

I think it's a neat idea, but for day-to-day stuff panniers will usually do with a lot less fuss, and unfortunately the trailer rules out panniers because of where it sits when stowed. The design is neat, but I, like others, worried about the precious beer. I'm thinking some built in retaining straps would be good. Location: All beer stores look the same to me.

I like that it's strong enough to hold 45kg, but the actual surface space is only slightly larger than a 2/4. Combined with the unstable siding, you don't have something that is suitable for grabbing groceries on the way home. Having light wire siding can be collapsible and do the job quite a bit better.

In the end though, at 10kg, one may as well put a front and rear basket on their bike. There are baskets large enough to carry a 2/4. Add on a rear basket as well, and one can carry home a month's worth of food shopping and then some. Much lighter than 10kg to carry around empty too.

Again, this is a super idea, but it needs some refinement.

Down the street from me at THe Shops at Don Mills. Corner of Don Mills and Lawrence.

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Marketing small bike trailers in Beer Stores should be obvious! You have done your southwestern Ontario heritage proud Rantwick. Your blog is cool too.
Not to mention this thing is a great redactant considering the motorholic tendancies of Beer Store lot layout and design. As for stowage with (full?) panniers this should not be a big deal to accommodate. It should just sit higher on the rack and maybe a little further back.
My concern is what prevents the wheels from changing toe. In the demo the wheels have a good chunk of negative camber. I assume this is due to loading. As this thing wears toe changes will become more pronounced resulting in it becoming a pig to tow. An axle would reduce the potential for this happening.

...they won't stop tinkering with it. There are weaknesses, but give them time and they will sort it out.

I applaud their concept and wish them well.

A solution for a non-existant problem. Rack, panniers and bungee cords will carry almost anything, and probably anything this teeny trailer could handle.

Sad. I just read a Toronto Star article on this product dated August 26, 2009 and it states that this is a prototype only and is not for sale. Dammit! I want one.

Full article here:

Nah. Hamilton isn't as clean as depicted in the video :)

"Extra points to those who can tell where it's filmed!"

Ahhhh! I got it. The opening grocery store scene is Bayview and Eglinton (656 Eglinton Ave E.). Was a Dominion. Now a 'Metro'. The rest of the video is Leaside-ish. Not sure as to the EXACT location of that beer store. I'm thinking that it is the one at Bayview and (609) Roehampton. God, I'm good. I have a sick talent for recognizing areas.

You're absolutely right! Bayview and Eg.

Bzzzt! Wrong. No points for you.

I agree with Rantwick about it compromising the useability of the rear rack.

With some tinkering, it should be able to fold onto the rear rack in the form of a basket, to permit one to casually toss in smaller objects, without having to remove it to use as a trailer every time.

Perhaps 2 of the basket walls could be comprised of the wheels?

This must be Leaside.
The have all those nice little war time bungalows in that area compared to other parts of the city where they arent anywhere as nice as the ones depicted here.
Definetely has to be Leaside..........So that could be anywhere just north of Bayview and Eglington OR, south down by Moore Aveneue and further to the east...........

I did think at first it could NOT possibly be TORONTO for he left his bike unlocked for at least 10 minutes only to return and find it still there :-)


trailer is cool, but I would make the collapsible walls solid, a few extra bucks to make sure my beer doesnt go flying would be well spent.

pennyfarthing ok frye