Bikes & The G20

Bicycles and cyclists are getting a pretty shitty deal during the G20. As a volunteer photographer for the Alternative Media Centre (AMC) this week I have seen reports about cops giving out tickets to activits for not having bells on their bike and far worse, ring posts are being removed and cyclists in general are being profiled and harrassed. For updates and to share your story check the AMC website or use the #g20report to share you experiences.


By law if you are approached by a Police Officer you have the right to refuse to give identification unless the Police specify a specific charge.

For the G20 summit, however, there is a controversial new provision under the Ontario Public Works Protection Act which has designated the area inside and within 5 metres of the security perimeter as a “public work” from June 21st to 28th to 2010. This means that police officers can ask individuals to identify themselves, provide their address, and to state the purpose for which they desire to enter the public space. The first arrests have already happened.

I know there is a bike rally planned for Sunday. Pl;ease keep this provision in mind

Should be interesting....

Oh, I really want to bike down there to take in the action. Hopefully, some parts of downtown remain a ghost town.

Well, it IS illegal not have one, whoever doesn't can't complain about a fine!

Removing the ring posts sucks, though. I'll bet not all are replaced. Check out the dire bike parking situation around Yonge/Bloor, specifically on Bloor between Yonge & Church.

I went out of town and had to leave my bike locked outside Union station, about 100 feet from the fence. I'm worried sick about it but there's nothing I can do. If you go by the east side of the station, look for a red Steve Bauer road bike locked to a railing.

Wow, it survived, not a scratch. Go me.

pennyfarthing ok frye