Fences are good for bike parking and not much else

Photo credit: Stu ChanPhoto credit: Stu Chan

Fences make good bike parking! A friend emailed this photo and I thought of the G20 fence. But no, these bikes are actually locked to the fence at Iggy Pop's concert last weekend in Dundas Square. But it could just as easily be bikes locked to the paranoia wall surrounding the G20 meetings, except that the G20 fence would only have the parasitic bikes until the police came to clean them off.

All the same, this photo points out the depressing lack of bike parking downtown as more and more people get to events by bike. Here's a call for these established events to hire the bike union for valet parking!

As for the G20, I've been biking downtown and hearing and seeing how this whole weekend police state is just a big minus for Toronto cyclists, and actually driving me to go for a weekend bike trip out of the city.

Us cyclists must bear the annoyances and brutishness of the G20 paranoia as much as any Toronto citizen. Some of the ways we pay are in restricted access to the zone. Another way is the lack of bike parking in a huge part of downtown. I've heard that anyone locking up in the area during the G20 will have their bike removed. A manager at Mountain Equipment Co-op told me that even in front of their store (at King and Spadina) bikes will be removed. I wonder how many threatening bikes I've locked next to all this time.

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