The Mayor's very own Bixi

Mayor Miller gave a congratulations to Michael Barry for reaching the Tour de France via a video on Veloo Media. (Congrats Michael! It's not often a Torontonian makes le Tour. Listen to his interview on CBC Radio)

And in a smooth segue (or at least as smooth Miller can do it) he pulls out his own competitive "touring" bike, the blue Bixi Toronto: a slick, aluminum, 3 speed bike with balloon, puncture-resistant tires, easy-adjust seat, bell and basket. What more could you want or need for $5 a day? And it's hopefully coming here in 2010.


1) Can't wait to see Mayor Miller's tour de Toronto.

2) David Miller's seat is too low. He's huge!

3) Well said.

kr's not that huge I'm bigger than him and I know how to adjust the seat.

Only prioblem with the Bixi Bike is that both the front and rear brakes are roller brakes , meaning that you don't stop but roll to a stop!

its only .26 cents a day for a year if you buy a subscription now!

and he's not wearing a helmet!

pennyfarthing ok frye