Second annual Pants-optional Dandyhorse Launch Party, Thursday Oct 7

$6 for the Dandyhorse magazine plus a donation at the door.

Featuring: DJ Triple-X and some nice door prizes (so we've been told). Taking place at Parts & Labour, 1556 Queen St W (in Parkdale).

Despite dandyhorses being mostly useless first-generation machines, pushed by the upperclass men by scooting their feet in a "dandy-like" way, which met a dead-end until someone came up with the idea of pedals and cranks, the Dandyhorse magazine is simply great and this should be a great party.

More of my anti-hobby horse diatribe some other day, but just one last thought. It's interesting to think now how during the time of the dandyhorse, no one could imagine how to make a more efficient machine with even mechanics believing that nothing could be more efficient than a walking man. Little did they know.


I read in Dandyhorse that G. Smitherman called bikes the "least important mode of transport" in the city. As I'm currently wondering if my nose-holding skill is up to the task of holding my nose tightly enough to be able to vote for him in the mayoral elections ... does anyone have the source of his comment or know the context? I can't find it on the web.


Did you see Joey?
I didn't see Joey.
I think we were Pantsless.