Foggy Ride

Going home on Nov 12 west along Bloor.
Disclaimer: No sacred car drivers, blessed pedestrians nor wonderful cyclists were harmed nor endangered during the making of this video. So please just enjoy and don't judge. Thanks.
I am old enough to know what I am doing.


excellent as always ,, wonderful video ( love ya ) =8^)

,,,, =8^) (Steeker)

The poor cycling skills displayed in this video made it so disturbing to watch that I had to stop after only three minutes. In that time I saw:

*Door zone riding. Suicidal! I was just waiting for a door to be flung open causing a lethal crash.

*Failure to exercise lane control. Every time I saw a car pass dangerously close because of the failure of the cyclist to take the lane, the muscles in my neck and back clenched.

Dangerous, dangerous, dangerous level of poor cycling skills.

Watch out! The 'vehicular-cycling' Nazis have joined the thread!

Ahem. I shot this video and you know what you have no idea what you are talking about.


Really though, the only thing i would improve is a stronger light... it must be hard to see when the street lights aren't on.

The good thing about night ride is dome lighting will be on either when the door is opening or there is somebody inside... unless they are ninja door openers... of which there are a few!

I have shot a lot of video while riding. Both hand held and mounted. It is very hard to make judgements how close or not one is to the curb or cars by just viewing the video alone. The only way to check that is to demo what a metre width looks like in the video. Just putting the camera to one side of stem can make a world of difference.

I'm not quite sure why this thread has become a critique of Tino's cycling skills, but it seems like he could use some defense. I've driven bikes with Tino many times and can't say I've ever seen him do something stupid or unsafe on the bike.

As Darren said, it's hard to make judgments based on a video. But from what I saw I don't follow how someone can view this cycling as dangerous. In each case where the cyclist passes parked cars he is on the white line or left of it, well out of the way of the car doors, or at least as far out of the door zone as is tolerated by car drivers for a street like Bloor.

Regarding lights, almost all bike lights on the market (most of which are LED now) will barely illuminate the path in front of the cyclist but do provide a strong enough light, in my opinion, to oncoming motorists and cyclists. I don't think it would show up easily in a video.

...I think Tino did a fairly good job. As I watched the video I kept wanting to 'keep left a bit' for higher visibility and to slow traffic a bit. I probably would have taken the lane.
Could have used better headlights (didn't look like any). As Herb says, cheap leds are great to be seen but not to see by. Anyway, it was damn pretty. Thanks Tino, nice tune too.

marked by its absence, despite a commitment to provide a "communication" about it five years ago by Council, is a Bloor St. bike lane - and not just to help Tino be safer, though he deserves it.

Tino safer. How he rides... does

OK. Folks, I have had it. I have been riding in this town for 25 years with no accidents.
Not that it matters. I will post some more photos (safely on the sidewalk) and after that I am done with this crap.
Sorry, Herb and Vic et all.
Thanks for being so great and helpful with everything over the years.

Tino, don't be so offended. Good work on the video.