Bike Hour Toronto: Get on your bike at 6pm today!

I wish I had heard about this earlier so I could do more promotion, but nevertheless it's not too late to celebrate Bike Hour in Toronto! I heard about it on Twitter and the Star for the first time. Bike Hour originated in Australia this year with University of Newcastle academic and cyclist Steven Fleming.

Bike Hour will be held twice a year on the equinox and it is meant to be like Earth Hour but laid back. The genius part is that it automatically includes all the people who just happen to be on their bike and haven't even heard of it!


You're right, that is the "genius"—though I promise, that was not my evil plan. I think you will like this Bike Hour video shot last night in Poland, cunningly enlisting everyone into our cause :)
The next one is Sept. 22. Everyone with a bike own this idea, so promote and observe how you like. Thanks!

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