Cycling with hubris on ice: Icycle 2011

Saturday night's Icycle 2011 saw a new winner for the men racing, an almost upset for the women racing, some bare chested men, superheros, some loose screws, and one tutu. All the photos below are from tocvos and Tino (click through the photos to see original).

The "Mental Oriental" pulls off an early upset over the repeat winner, Briana. (That's what was written on her Leaf's jersey folks.) Briana regains respect in the last race where she blows away the field.

The upset in the men's field. The masked man kicks butt. (I didn't stick around for the award ceremony so I don't have names and was too lazy to do proper research).

Organizer and Bike Joint owner Derek grandstands.

Rick the Number Guy displays the loop number on nice, newly laminated cards.

These sharp-looking tires are what you need to contend in this race.

Lots of exciting spills too!

"Spiderman" in shorts has a strong start but it all comes to a crashing end when the organizer asks him to do up his helmet as he races and he attempts to deftly do it up with both hands.

A tight race for second place creates a crowd-pleasing crash as "Joe Pants" squeezes the contender into the boards and everyone falls.

Someone didn't install their studs very well.

The Unicycle won the rubber race.


where are the tall bikes?

pennyfarthing ok frye