Modifications to Rogers Road bike lane will not allow parking in bike lane

Daniel Egan, Cycling Infrastructure and Programs Manager, Transportation Services, has clarified the modifications to the Rogers Road bike lanes, stating that it does not mean, as some have thought, that drivers will be allowed to park in the bike lanes (Councillor Layton, in particular, had expressed his concern in a letter to Councillor Palacio and staff):

"It has come to my attention that there is a public perception that the proposed modifications to the Rogers Road bicycle lanes will allow drivers to park in the bicycle lanes. I want to clear up this misunderstanding.

For those who don't know Rogers Road, it currently has a wide painted centre median in the sections where there was left over space when the road was restriped with bicycle lanes. We're proposing changes at two locations to improve parking and/or traffic flow. Just west of Bronoco Avenue, we are removing the painted median and shifting the bicycle lane over so that we can provide some short term parking spaces in front of St. Nicholas Di Barri School. This change will enable parents a safe place to stop to pick-up or drop-off their kids without obstructing the bicycle lane. There will also be a short left turn lane added to facilitate turns onto Bronoco Ave.

At the second location, we are eliminating one parking space just west of McRoberts Ave and the painted centre median east of the intersection to provide a short left turn lane. In both locations the bicycle lanes are being maintained with minor adjustments. And parking will not be permitted in the bicycle lanes.

Cycling staff have worked with Councillor Palacio over the past few months to develop design modifications to resolve the local traffic issues while maintaining the integrity of the bicycle lanes. Unfortunately the issue was not resolved in time to be included in the staff report considered by Public Works and Infrastructure Committee on June 23. As a result the motion to approve the modifications was introduced at committee without accompanying text explaining the purpose and the fact that they will not impact the bicycle lanes. Generally these types of changes would be included in a staff report which explains the purpose and any impacts.

It's unfortunate that some have jumped to the conclusion that the Rogers Road modifications are detrimental to the bicycle lanes without taking the time to contact the Transportation staff responsible for developing the design modifications."

Looks like this one of few cases where the reality is not as bad as it seems.


That reminds me... That reality is never as bad as it seems, it's probably worse!