People like the Pharmacy and Birchmount bike lanes

Tino of Bike Lane Diary, Peter - a Bike Union member, and I rode out to Pharmacy (in Scarborough) to talk about bike lanes and the Councillor's request to have them removed. Did you know that Pharmacy is only 10 km away from Spadina? An easy ride. I bet you also didn't know that not one person we spoke with actually knew the bike lanes were being proposed for removal by Councillor Michelle Berardinetti. Don't they deserve to know about this?

The Mez Dispenser has a great post on these very same bike lanes and why they should be saved. Transportation Services staff have not reported any delay in traffic because of the bike lanes. This video by Darren, provides some visual proof of that even during rush hour there are no jams on that street.


This is definitely not true on Dupont. Traffic congestion has greatly increased when the road was narrowed from 4 lanes to 2. The number of bicyclists using these lanes is very small.

About the Birchmount bike lane - what kind of a councilor would remove an existing bike lane that serves a large public library (Albert Campbell), and a community rec centre plus the huge sports facility between Kingston Rd and Danforth Av.?

For the councilors from the eastern parts of TO, what's the point of removing the bike lane on Birchmount? It is one of the few roads where the city can route the bike traffic safely across the 401 at minimal cost. Just about every other north/south road either has ramps onto the highway or there's no bridge. By keeping Birchmount, the can save millions of dollars in future construction cost when north-south bike connections become an urgency.

So, if the city has the money to rip out the lane, that money should be spent instead to extend the Birchmount lane up to the 401 - or if they want to spend less, extend it at least as far north so it connects with the new long distance bike path under the Hydro wires just north of Eglinton.

There's a live feed from the council chamber describing the debate:

Jarvis lanes, as well as Pharmacy and Birchmount officially dead. Separated network will be built
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