*Special Notice* Tonight's Sharrow Meeting Cancelled

Thanks to the speedy ways of the Internet, we broadcast this important message from TCAT. No this is not from your British Cat, but from Toronto something something for Active Transportaion.

Because of an error discovered in the Rush-Hour Sharrow Evaluation data analysis, tonight's public meeting has been CANCELLED.

The City of Toronto does not wish to misrepresent the data collected as part of this project, and so the data collected must be re-evaluated in full before any findings may be presented publicly.

THERE WILL BE NO MEETING TONIGHT: Thursday January 20th, 2011

We apologise for any inconvenience to those who had planned to attend tonight's meeting. ****


Pardon me - but in the Ford era, perhaps the data error was that cyclists were counted on a main carterial....
Otherwise, it's good to have accuracy.