Advocacy and Groups

The Toronto Cycling Committee is an advisory committee to the municipal departments and city council. is a web site by TCC member Martin Koob to keep the cycling public abreast of the latest developments at the Toronto Cycling Committee and to track the progress of its ten year Bike Plan.

Advocacy for Respect for Cyclists is a group which formalizes the principle of cyclists standing up for each other. ARC was formed in August 1996 as a community response to a particularly brutal two weeks which saw two cyclists killed by trucks and another two arrested on a Critical Mass ride.

Initially formed to lobby for a coroner's inquest and to help in the arrestees' defense, ARC has since expanded to provide support and legal advice to cyclists involved in accidents, to educate on cyclists' rights, and to hold direct actions aimed at changing society's dependence on the automobile.


Bicycle Commons is busy recycling all of Igor's ill-found bikes, before he was arrested and all his stolen bikes confiscated. It is all organized around a youth drop-in program where the youth earn a bike at the end of X number of hours committed.

Charlie's Freewheels is a youth program and soon a bike shop operated by youth.

BikeSauce is a DIY space in Leslieville at Broadview and Queen.

Bike Pirates is a DIY space at Bloor and Lansdowne, the best established such project in Toronto.