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Driver survival guide

Another video from riconroy, this one a helpful guide for drivers, aiding them in "surviving" city driving and avoiding nasty cyclists and pedestrians.

Driving in the city is a treacherous endeavour, full of difficulty and inconvenience. For anyone who hasn't driven in the city before the rules of the road must seem a bit confusing. Here are some tips to help you survive your drive.

Title: Driver Survival Guide

Need to pop into a store, buy a coffee, mail a letter, deliver a package? Use the handy bike lanes located on many of our streets. Perfect for a quick errand and it keeps the real lanes clear for traffic.

Pedestrians often get in the way when you least expect them. If you see one trying to cross the road it's best to speed up so you can quickly get out of their way.

Stop signs waste valuable time on your journey and reportedly increase pollution. We recommend rolling right through them as fast as the road conditions will allow.

Speed limits are guidelines only. Even the police will accept you going twenty clicks over the limit. Why do they cars so darn fast and then ask you to stick to fifty kilometres per hour?

If you don't drive assertively when there are cyclists on the road there will be confusion as to who has the right to be there. Pass a cyclist as close as possible to claim your space and reduce collisions with other cars.

With these tips in mind driving in the city will make much more sense, economically and emotionally.

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