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We've still got a long way to go, baby. A video about the Irish transportation system that is almost as relevant to us (except that we have nowhere to swim to). Written and directed by Jason Tammemägi. A spoof on Irish Rail's advertising.

Note: Do not watch if you don't like seeing stick people get maimed and killed.

Toronto Star Video: Snow Cycling

Check today's Toronto Star for a video about winter cycling. Online edition, not print, of course!

The video features brief commentary from three cyclists: It starts on a bit of a low note with a cyclist who just sticks to the indoor trainer for the winter because "the risks outweigh the pleasure" and it's "awfully cold".

The second is a messenger who enjoys the winter riding because the roads and sidewalks are less crowded, and that "with the proper gear it's never too cold".

The third is a year-round cyclist who says he gets too cold waiting for the streetcar so he would rather cycle. "I've gotten rid of both my cars."

Check it out here. Not sure why they attached that video to an article about seasonal crime statistics though.

Thanks to Jun for submitting the link.

Pumpkin Powered Move

Happy Halloween everyone! This video really captures some cyclists' Halloween spirit! Anne got some pumpkin-headed friends together to help her move, and they caught it all on tape. Hilarious and inspirational.

Trailers came from the Community Bicycle Network (761 Queen Street West, 416-504-2918) and Cycle Therapy (1114 Queen Street East, 416-778-6473)

How to replace brake pads (Part Two in a series)

VideoJug: How To Replace Brake Blocks Video by Bikefix in London (UK). Click on the Bikefix link for more videos.

Big Pimpin'

We have all probably done some work on our bikes where we turned to the person beside us and said "This bike is now officially pimped." Or not. Either way, this video is good to watch. You won't be a certified bike mechanic afterwards, but you might get some nice ideas.

The Dutch and their bike (ads)

The following video is via Martino's Bikelane Diary, who is also a member of I Bike TO.

I second Martino's enthusiasm for this collection of Dutch bicycle promotion ads. They have a bit of humour. I don't think the Dutch are normally known for humour - tulips, pot, water, bikes and tolerance, perhaps - not so much humour. I was always told growing up that the Dutch are much more into slapstick than the dry wit style of the British. But not true: I love the ad with the mafiosa who laugh at the guy who rode his bike. At the end the two get into a Lincoln-style car and it explodes. It says: "Fietsers leven langer" (Cyclists live longer).

My Dutch is pretty lax so I don't know if I got the translation right for another ad:

Als we zo graag op de fiets zitten waarom staan we dan in de file?

Fietsen naar je werk. Een goede zaak.

(If we can so easily sit on the bike why do we then stand in line/traffic jam?

Bike to work. It's a good thing.

Cycling in Shanghai

Shanghai still has a very high level of commuting by bicycle even though car ownership is booming. There are just so many people there that even at the current rate of car purchases that in 20 years car usage will still be in the minority.

There has been a concerted effort on the part of politicians to get rid of all the bicycles from major roads in order to make room for cars. Recently the city has begun to reverse that decision at least in some ways. They've begun to build bike lanes while at the same as trying to make intersections more efficient for car flow. This may seem reasonable enough as a win-win solution, but from experience in the west you can't really encourage car driving in the city as well as cycling and walking. The current building of bike lanes seems to be a way to marginalize cyclists by shoving them from their current position across the roadway. This is quite the opposite use of bike lanes in western countries where a bike lane is welcomed as breather space by cyclists.

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