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From Transportation Alternatives, New York. "For the past 40 years, Transportation Alternatives has been demanding (and winning) new bicycle lanes across the city. Now, it’s easier to bicycle than ever before."

Ride the Ravine - charity bike ride through Toronto's ravines


Evergreen Brick Works will be hosting their inaugural charity bike ride “Ride the Ravines” on Sunday, June 17, in support of accessible cycling in the GTA. Riders of all levels are welcome! Register today!

Ride the Ravines will take riders through Toronto's ravine network, residential streets, a major road, the lakeshore boardwalk, and a few parks. The route begins and ends at Evergreen Brick Works, and is 25km in total (with the option of a shorter 12km route as well). This will be a fun mass ride weaving through parts of the City you've never seen.

After the ride, cyclists and community members will come together for our after-party at Evergreen Brick Works – a vibrant, fun-filled event featuring live musical acts, delicious food, and an opportunity to mingle with sponsors, retailers, and community partners (including ING Direct, Cycle Toronto and yours truly, I Bike TO).

Hope to see you there!

Poster is below in case you would like to print it off.

Bike Hour Toronto: Get on your bike at 6pm today!

I wish I had heard about this earlier so I could do more promotion, but nevertheless it's not too late to celebrate Bike Hour in Toronto! I heard about it on Twitter and the Star for the first time. Bike Hour originated in Australia this year with University of Newcastle academic and cyclist Steven Fleming.

Bike Hour will be held twice a year on the equinox and it is meant to be like Earth Hour but laid back. The genius part is that it automatically includes all the people who just happen to be on their bike and haven't even heard of it!

Yehuda Moon: entertained cyclists for over 3 years

Yehuda in 2008 with headwind versus Yehuda in 2011 with tailwind

Rick Smith has laid down his pen indefinitely, and his comic strip, Yehuda Moon & The Kickstand Cyclery, is no more. Smith's comic strip covered the tough-but-rewarding life of bike store owner / cycling activist / tilter-at-windmills Yehuda Moon and other friends, including former owner (but now a ghost) Fred Banks; unibrow co-owner / mechanic Joe King, Amish fixie-rider Sister Sprocket; sometime employee, engineer, mother Thistle Gin and many others. From its start in 2008 until just last month Smith dedicated a lot of free time over three and a half years to making a successful comic, if not financially, at least culturally. Ultimately, however, Smith found it too tough to make the comic financially sustainable, and drawing and writing, in addition to holding down other jobs, became too much.

Yehuda was loved by many people, whether they worked in the bike industry, cycling advocacy or just liked to ride their bike. Having spent time Inside the interesting and imaginative world of the Kickstand Cyclery where an Amish community built exclusive frames for Yehuda's shop, where a ninja existed that threw sharpened chainrings, and where Yehuda instigated many projects of DIY bike lanes, bike share and racks, there were a lot of aspects that rang true to the issues faced by both bike stores and advocates trying to gain a toe-hold for bikes in a continent dominated by automobiles.

Look ma! No hands!

50 No-handed bike moves. Favorite: approaching Squid. Thanks to Mark Shouldice for heads-up.

Toronto Bicycle Music Festival Sept 18 in Trinity Bellwoods

The Toronto Bicycle Music Festival is taking place September 18th with the first set at Trinity Bellwoods Park at 2 pm (facebook page).

Toronto's second annual pedal-powered, mobile music festival is featuring Jeremy Fisher, The Strumbellas, Lenni Jabour, Abigail Lapell, Amélie & Les Singes Bleus and more!

September 18, 2011 starting at 2 pm at Trinity Bellwoods Park (south end near Queen St.)

They're looking for "bike roadies" to help out at the festival. If you've got a bike trailer or cargo bike and time ping them! All roadies have to do is to help move a musician's instruments and gear from various Toronto locations to one or more west-end parks, and back. All the locations are close together. In exchange there will be food and a small surprise gift.

Contact Adam at or (416) 476-4806

Bring some joy back by getting on your bike: Cascade Bicycle Club Vision 2011

A sweet video. Now how are they going to actually get people to ride their bikes? Maybe some proper bike infrastructure?

Dandyhorse Magazine May Launch Party

Kick off Bike Month with the Dandyhorse magazine May launch party, Monday May 30th at the Gladstone Hotel.

$10 cover, includes magazine. Music by DJ Triple-X. You could win an Opus Cervin Bike

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