Riding to work

Riding to work in winterRiding to work in winter

Bike Film Festival Starts This Wednesday

Bike Film FestivalBike Film Festival The Gladstone Hotel
1214 Queen Street West in the ART BAR
OPENING August 22 7pm-12am
August 22-26 Open 12pm-5pm

More info
/ Full schedule of the festival.

Bicycle art by The Winking Circle and friends in the BALLROOM
7-2 FREE
Performance by:

Cyclist taken out by Fashionista!

So my new job has me riding back into the financial district on a daily basis and I find myself once again duly impressed with the ironic stupidity of some of the well-dressed and gainfully-employed folks around here. Just prior to the 9:00AM whistle yesterday, I watched a couple of lovely young ladies hesitate for a second, while misjudging the flow of traffic, and then step out into King Street right in front of a guy cruising through on a single-speed.

The first gal dashed out of the way, narrowly missing oncoming cars, but the second gal panicked like a deer in headlights and stopped the cyclist with an unintentional oversized Versace knock-off, clothesline maneuver. Thankfully there was a break in traffic and the fallen cyclist, though obviously in major pain, had a moment to recover and clear out of the street.

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