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Annette St.: All plugged upAnnette St.: All plugged up
A few days ago, the Toronto Star's fixer got excited about getting the Annette St. "No Stopping" signs added next to the new bike lanes. Cyclists everywhere rejoiced, and all was good.

However, upon further inspection, not all of Annette Street's signs have been updated, so in many sections motorists still feel they have the right to park in the bike lanes. And although other sections of Annette St. have the proper signage installed, motorists continue to park wherever they darn well feel like it.

Ah, but we have parking enforcement officers! They will help!

To be honest, I lost my faith in the police and parking enforcement when it comes to enforcing bike lane parking violations a long time ago. I have seen PEOs and police officers cruise right past bike lane parkers without blinking. I have even spoken directly to officers and pointed out illegal bike lane parkers, but they usually come up with excuses for the motorist.

So, as a final nail in the coffin, I present you with these photos of a City of Toronto Parking Enforcement vehicle parked in....you guessed it....the bike lane. The officer was not in the vehicle, nor anywhere that I could see on the street. It looks like the officer was probably popping in to one of the local businesses for a quick breakfast or coffee, while blocking a lane of traffic.

"Safe Cycling - Share the Responsibility" campaign results

The Toronto Police issued the following news release today:


"Safe Cycling - Share the Responsibility" campaign results

Wednesday, June 25, 2008 - 7:30 AM
Traffic Services

On Sunday June 22, 2008, the Toronto Police Service concluded their one-week "Safe Cycling – Share the Responsibility" campaign.

See previous release.

Officers issued 6,671 tickets to motorists and cyclists who were found committing offences. Of the tickets issued:

  • 3,691 tickets were issued to motorists for offences such as opening vehicle doors improperly, and failing to yield to cyclists,
  • 2,076 tickets were issued to cyclists for disobeying traffic signals and failing to yield to pedestrians,
  • 904 tickets were issued to cyclists for bicycle equipment offences,
  • 113 parking tickets were issued for parking in designated bike lanes,
  • 1,891 motorists and cyclists were cautioned with respect to a variety of related offences,
  • 89 bike rodeos/lectures involving 3,410 participants were held across the city.

The Toronto Police Service reminds motorists of the dangers of opening car doors in the path of cyclists, and the importance of checking blind spots prior to making a turn, especially for large trucks. All road-users have a responsibility to share the road equally by driving safety, riding responsibly, playing smart, and obeying all the rules of the road.

Safe Cycling Police Campaign starts

Mayor let off with warning?Mayor let off with warning?

Be aware, cyclists! Starting today, Toronto police are "campaigning" for safer cycling (pdf). In theory it means education and enforcement of cyclists and motorists. What it means in practice is that police wait at intersections to catch cyclists making the all-to-common mistakes of doing a "rolling stop", not making proper signals, not having a bell, not having reflective tape on the front and back forks, or of riding through the crosswalks or sidewalks. In practice the education part means police will encourage cyclists "to refresh themselves with the rules of the road" by giving out fat traffic infractions.

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