One Less Mart

Photo credit masachiba

This week's big news is the OMB's denial of SmartCentre's plans for a big box development in Leslieville. The story has been covered in The Star, Torontoist and Spacing.

Why are cyclists celebrating this win? The development would have abutted one of the few dedicated bike paths Torontonians have built. We all expect our bike paths to have intersections, but this would have added three very busy parking lot entrances on this stretch of path. In addition, it would have been another car-oriented development in a place with potential to be a transit-oriented, pedestrian friendly and cycling friendly employment centre.

The full decision is on the OMB site (pdf). If you find yourself making a case at the OMB, it's probably a good read.

If you have any insight into the success in this case, please share in the comments.

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