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Rev. Anne on her bike on Bloor Street

I made a spur of the moment request to snap a photo of Rev. Dr. Anne Simmonds as I was taking photos of the indirect left sign at Sherbourne and Bloor. She said yes, she gave me her card, and I emailed her the photo and some questions. Here's the Q & A:

How long have you biked in Toronto?

Since 1979 when I returned from being out of the city for 7 yrs. It is my main form of transportation in the city, even in the winter when the streets are dry.

What is your usual route?

Several routes downtown - gerrard and bloor are the main streets but I use side streets when I can.

What is your favourite bike route?

For pleasure in the valley.

What has improved, if any, for your cycling route?

Not enough.

What is #1 on your list of improvements?

Separated bike lanes - in the mean time making it hugely illegal with a big fine if someone blocks the bike lane - including police - they seem to have no awareness of forcing people into traffic.

Is there hope for better cycling and a healthier Toronto? What's the best way we can get it?

I see hope in that there are so many more cyclists so we have to be taken more seriously - when I 'm in a line of cyclists on a busy street, I feel a little safer. Yes, we need to pressure city counsellors to make it more accessible and safe.

You did not ask what makes me crazy about riding in TO - Bloor street - when I go along there and do often - after years of being torn up - a perfect opportunity to include designated bike lanes and we did not even get a solid white line to separate us from the traffic. in some parts it would have been so simple to have separate lanes.

I Bike TO Award

Photo: chewie007

The 2nd Annual Toronto Bike Awards are coming up January 19 and t's time to choose the key person or group to receive the I Bike T.O. Award. Readers, now is your turn to suggest the person or group who did the most to promote or improve cycling in our sometimes cycling-friendly city.

In your comments state the name of the group or person plus your reasoning. We will collect the names and put it to a poll next week.

Update Jan 6/10: Any new comments that aren't nominations will be deleted. So put on your thinking caps and start nominating people!

I Bike T.O. 2008 Wrap-up

As 2008 wraps up us bloggers at I Bike T.O. wish you happy holidays and a good, safe new year for you and your bike. We've enjoyed blogging about cycling in Toronto and we've had plenty of interesting fodder this year. We ask that you seriously consider a small contribution of 10 to 20 dollars towards our hosting costs so we'll stick around for another year.

A lot has happened in 2008:



  • Toronto Police finally busted Toronto's most infamous stolen bike dealer, Igor Kenk, and this fine city made international news when police discovered over 2400 of his bikes stuffed into garages around the city. Cyclists try to find out if Igor actually made money off these stolen bike or if he has an obsessive collecting disorder.
  • E-bikes took over the streets in a big way. Ontario's e-bike pilot period and the high price of gas contributed to a lot of people leaving their cars behind and stepping onto an e-bike. The controversy continues as pedaling cyclists see the e-bikes as too heavy and fast for bike lanes and paths. E-bikers figure anything that keeps people from driving their gas-guzzlers has got to be a step in the right direction.
  • I Bike T.O. Photo Exhibition Opening

    I heart bikesI heart bikes

    The opening for Martino Reis' photo exhibit celebrating cycling culture in Toronto is tonight in the basement of 401 Richmond, starting at 5pm. More info here.

    I Bike T.O. is using one of Tino's images for the banner under the logo.

    A great collection of photos!

    The vision

    A bunch of cycling bloggers got together on a cold 2007 winter over coffee to discuss how we could work together on a website. The I Bike TO website is a result of that inspiration.

    We want it to be an avenue of celebrating cycling in Toronto as well as helping out cyclists to have an enjoyable and safe experience on our roads - no simple task. We will do this by being a hub of information, stories and discussion.

    Update: Our launch is tomorrow, May 1st, 2007! Read up, contribute comments, discuss in the forum, and add rides. We'll keep on biking and blogging - bloking, bligging?

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