Comment on car parking requirements in draft zoning by-law

Have your say on Toronto's draft zoning by-law. You can comment on it online or in person at one of the open houses. Why is this important for cyclists? Most of us pay property taxes and buy/rent homes that incorporate the expenses of building parking spots for cars. The old by-law had car parking requirements that were often much higher than the need.

The next open houses:

June 22 - St. Lawrence Hall (4pm to 9pm)
June 30 - North York Civic Centre
July 2 - Scarborough Civic Centre

Please make it known that you think requiring high levels of car parking (and charging so little for it) is seriously hampering Toronto from reaching its greenhouse gas reduction promises and from becoming a sustainable city.


Here is a NOW Mag article on why parking subsidies for cars are really a big problem for our city.

A bit long but a good read. Herb had all the main points though above about a sustainable city and charging so little for car parking.

Nice post herb.

With the strike on are these meeting still going on?

Will they go on even though city committees meetings are all cancelled during the strike?

I think the meetings will be rescheduled for a post-strike date.

pennyfarthing ok frye