Separated bike lane over Vancouver's Burrard bridge

(Photo: van8)

A summer bike lane trial has begun for the Burrard bridge in Vancouver. Back in 1996 was the last time Vancouver City Council attempted a trial to close a car lane on the bridge and they got cold feet after only 5 days. This time things may be different as early reports show car traffic hasn't become congested and the as the new Canada Line transit line is set to open this fall.

Before the trial bike lane the Burrard bridge had a 2.6 sidewalk that was a dangerous mix of cyclists and pedestrians with a large curb drop down to the roadway. There was no room for cyclists to easily pass other cyclists (and when they do they have to pass on the right and contend with pedestrians). It was a playground for the "scorchers" weaving between pedestrians and motorists.

The City of Vancouver has done an excellent job explaining their choice and why they are doing their best in improving conditions for cyclists and pedestrians with minimal impact for motorists. Being clear on the alternatives is a good way to help stave off criticism of important sustainable transportation initiatives.

Some businesses worried about losing money on reduced car traffic, though the businesses were basing their concerns on a future drop in car traffic to their neighbourhood and not on hard data demonstrating how most of their customers arrive.


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