Ride For Bike Lanes On Bloor - Saturday


What about Adam Vaughan's office? He's the councillor for Ward 20 which includes Bloor from Christie to Avenue. His office is at 87 Harbord (where the Harbord bike lane is missing!).

Don't for get to swing past Case Ootes' retirement home!

There is major construction on Bloor between Dundas W and Keele.

Maybe it will be paved by Saturday. Once the crews get going, they can be efficient.
The ride is more take the tooker than a bells on bloor ride, Albert et all tends to be far more organized.
Mr. Vaughan has been really weak on Bloor too, not just Harbord.

photos here.

Thanks Angela, Hamish et al for putting this together.

While this was pretty last minute, we were lucky with weather and those good people who showed up to help urge Mr. Vaughan, Mr. Pantalone, and Mr. Smitherman to strongly support a linked and straight Bloor/Danforth bikeway. Our paper outreach didn't really get to the vital west-of-railtracks residents, but I was pleased that some of the kids on the ride came from the paper. One kids'bike at the Dufferin Mall had a sticker on it "we're traffic, not targets" - which I think should give pause to politicians, public health officials, educators etc. etc. Now this bike has a Bike Lanes on Bloor sticker - a positive message I think!
Sometimes I think that just one salary of one police officer, politician, teacher, public health promoter, safety inspector,parking enforcement officer etc. etc. could bring us a critical first step in better Bloor biking and repaint Bloor from Dundas St. W. to Ossington, even though that thought of "sacrificing" a "good" job for paint that could maybe save a life is maybe too "Ford-esque".
One notable aspect of our trip yesterday was that we did get more support from motorists than negativity.
Thanks for being there and sharing jnyz..
Thanks to HiMY SYeD as well, for making the effort to unexpectedly lure us into the Bickford entry at Christie to hear his support for biking, and Bloor biking in particular, and to give us a batch of bells. He's a good option to explore and vote for for Mayor.

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