City finally proposes Peter/Beverley connection and, meh, they can do better

There will finally be a public meeting to look at the City's planned connections of Peter Street to Beverley bike lanes. It really should have been part of the main public consultation for Richmond and Adelaide--in fact, the City promised it would--but it's only now quickly been announced as a separate meeting, just one week before the actual time.

Staff are frustratingly proposing just one option for connecting the two streets, and it's not the best option (the best would have been John St). They propose installing a contra-flow bike lane and move the traffic light at Queen to the other side of Soho, but won't consider changing the configuration of the roadway (such as the great example imagined by Dave Meslin a while back).

So staff are proposing the easy option:

I made the image a while back to show that Peter was inferior to John (the streets, that is).

They could have been creative with this (I don't know if they seriously considered it):

Can staff get away with offering just one option? I thought it was part of the Richmond-Adelaide Environmental Assessment, which would require the City to consider various configurations, including the "do nothing" one. Maybe staff decided it was easier to just pretend that it isn't.

So here are the details:

Thursday, March 6, 2014. 4 to 9 p.m.
Alexandra Park Community Centre,
105 Grange Crt. (follow Grange Ave. west of Spadina Ave.)

And this is what they're proposing:

Phoebe Street

  • Installation of a westbound-only contra-flow bicycle lane on the north side of the street, from Soho Street to Beverley Street, to allow the street to function in both directions for cyclists.
  • The existing one- way operation of the street will be maintained for motorists.

Soho Street / Peter Street / Queen Street Intersection

  • Painting of northbound and southbound shared lane pavement markings (sharrows) on Soho Street to connect Pheobe Street to Queen Street.
  • Traffic signal modifications to the Peter-Queen Street signal, to incorporate Soho Street into the intersection, which will function as a combined signalized intersection (no changes to roadway alignment are proposed).

I do like that they're also proposing a contra-flow for Stephanie which will still help cyclists get to/from John, but after this announcement they revised their proposal and shortened the contra-flow so it ends at John instead of McCaul in order to protect--you guessed it--precious parking.

Stephanie Street

  • Installation of a westbound-only contra-flow bicycle lane on the north side of the street, to allow the street to function in both directions for cyclists.
  • The existing one-way operation of the street will be maintained for motorists.

I'll accept it if this is the best we can get, but I do think we still have time to get something better. Ask the staff to consider moving the roadbed through the empty parking lot to meet up with Peter straight on. Get them to continue the Stephanie contra-flow the whole way. And demand that we also get Simcoe protected and connected (with traffic lights) all the way from Dundas to the waterfront. It's the only direct route in the area.

There's still time to get something better.


If we've been screwed out of John St., which we have been, thanks Adam, then we need to have an equally adequate and safe alternative, which this is NOT. In order to get it safe/adequate, the jog needs eliminating ie. move Soho St. as it is vacant now, and could be as easily done as moving Sterling Road west where Ms. Morrison was killed. Given all the stacks of Section 37 money around, it is an abject failure of Mr. Vaughan and the City that this isn't being done, though yes, Mr. Vaughan has lots of other things occurring, and is doing Great Work on other files.

Not with the current anti-bicycle administration. To get the proper bicycle infrastructure means spending money, and bicycles are "gravy" to them.

That's a real shame. I don't see this making much difference for anyone's safety.

Ideally Queen would be a pedestrian mall in this section and none of this would really be an issue.

I agree with Herb, this is a weak proposal at best. I bike through this intersection Mon to Fri, April to Dec and while I have no problem with them just moving the light we have to look further north to see what a problem this is. Soho ends one block up from Queen, so if you are going north you are left with two choices- take a left turn across the very busy Beverly St. in what is virtually a blind turn or go up Huron which is all opposing one way streets and hope you don't get caught by the police or run over by a truck lumbering down the narrow street. Personally, I take Huron and damn the law. It should have been John or Simcoe, they are much more suited for bike lanes.